Saturday, January 5, 2013

Revlon nearly naked foundation review and comparison

Revlon has closely copied Urban Decay's naked foundation! You can check out my review for Urban Decay's version here.

Unfortunately, nearly naked does not come with a foundation pump. Why Revlon why? And, this Canadian version does not come with SPF 20 like the US version. WTH!? That makes me mad.

 I got the lightest shade, 110 ivory. I thought it would be too pink but it actually works well on my skin (NC10). It blends in nicely, and the finish is very skin-like

Nearly naked 110 ivory swatch on hand:


And here are the before and after pics on my face. Yeah I know I labeled it 'almost naked' lol. oops.

As you can see it is medium coverage, and easily covers redness and scars. I love the finish of this. It blends so beautifully.

So, here is the break down on how Revlon compares to Urban Decay's formula:

Revlon nearly naked $10.97 CAD for 1oz / UD naked skin $45 CAD for 1 oz
Revlon is $34 cheaper!

Here is where UD excels! UD comes in a nice pump bottle, while Revlon is housed in a glass bottle with a twist off cap.

I don't have exact ingredients to compare but both include antioxidants to help skin. They also both contain a lot of silicones, but I did notice Revlon's version uses less than UD.

Both have similar coverage power, ranging from light to medium.

I felt that Revlon was easier to blend than UD. UD went on a bit patchy, and you're supposed to use an expensive brush with it that is just a waste of money in my opinion, although others say it's amazing. Revlon was a dream to put on and it layered well.

Revlon actually feels light on, while UD felt heavy. They both have a nice skin-like finish. I found UD to badly sink into pores/lines after an hour or so, Revlon barely did that, and when it did, it was hardly noticeable.

wear time:
UD wore well for about 6 hours. Revlon wore for about 8 before starting to fade.

Overall, I wasn't impressed with UD naked skin, but I really liked Revlon nearly naked. It looked more natural and felt a lot lighter than UD. It covered nicely and it blended easily. It didn't settle into pores the way UD did.
The color match was good for both brands, and they have a wide selection for most skin tones. I would recommend Revlon nearly naked to everyone!

I personally like Revlon colorstay foundation better than nearly naked for it's lasting power. I will probably stick with that but nearly naked was a nice surprise for a cheap price!

Repurchase? No (I like colorstay better)

Price: $10.97 CAD

Rating: 4.5/5


Anonymous said...

Hi, love! Thank you so much for the pictures and post!

I just wanted to let you know that the Canadian version should also have SPF, even if the label does not yet say so. (Mine does, at least!) Check the ingredients for things like "Titanium Dioxide" or "Octinoxate" or other common sunscreen ingredients. Because of the regulation of labelling things as "SPF," I am guessing Revlon is still waiting for approval to be able to legally print the labels with "SPF X" on them, but the formula will usually still have the sunscreen ingredients anyway.

Hope this helps and good luck! And good for you for being sun-safe!

Vicky Hoang said...

this looks amazing on you! it sucks that it doesnt come with a pump or spf =/

My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

Lexa Black said...

Anonymous, indeed you are right that it may contain sunscreen ingredients, (and there are lots of products that do) but without knowing the percentage I'm not going to assume it will protect me from UVA/UVB rays. I am a little crazy that way :P

Vicky, Thank you so much! I really wish it had a pump :/

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Interesting review! I agree, I wish it came with SPF.

Marisol said...

Hi, What is the shade you use on ColorStay? Is difficult to find a shade nc10, not pink or orange.

Marisol South America said...

You say ColorStay Liquid 110 is neutral, I've only used the pressed powder and is neutral, but in the ColorStay Mineral lighter shade is pink, powder Defining Age, is also pink. I want to try the ColorStay Makeup but want light coverage, Nearly Naked no lasting power and I do not know if transferred, you can expand the ColorStay to make it natural.

Marisol Sad said...

:( Hi?

Lexa Black said...

Marisol, please don't be sad! I thought I answered your questions on another post.
Ok, so you want light coverage with good lasting power right?
I would say mix Revlon colorstay for normal/dry skin with a light moisturizer. Or, try the colorstay whipped, which is a bit lighter but has ok staying power too.