Advertising and PR info

As if it's not obvious, I thoroughly enjoy writing reviews for beauty products.

Since the beginning of makeup or morte I've only reviewed products that I bought for my own use.
These products have all been purchased with my own hard earned cash.

I am now accepting requests for new product launch reviews from different companies. I would like to broaden out in all aspects, and try new brands and products.
I also would love to give new businesses the opportunity to advertise on makeup or morte.
If you think we would make a good match and you are interested in seeing your products reviewed by me, please send me an email: lexx13mua at
Please note that while I very much appreciate all requests, I will only advertise and review cosmetics, hair and skin care products on make up or morte. 

My reviews are contrived of my opinion only. In a more severe case of a product not working for me, I  never mean to offend or discriminate against any specific product or brand.
What you read is my own humble, honest opinion of the product and how it performed for me.

My promise to you:

In the future, if a product is sent to me for reviewing purpose free of charge I will make note of it being sent to me for review at the bottom of the post.  I will absolutely honestly, give the same opinion of a free product as I would one that I paid money for. I will review all aspects of it's performance to the best of my  knowledge and ability whether or not it is positive or negative.

I want my readers to know that I will never give false opinions or facts about any products reviewed on this site.

Any questions, comments or concerns please contact me at lexx13mua at