Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween FOTD's ! (beware...)

BEWARE the scary faces!
Here are some past Halloween FOTD's for you.


2009 - Day of the dead inspired make up

2008 - Ganguru inspired make up

2007 - And black orange with a star!

This year I am going to be a cat! So I should have some cat eye pics for you soon.
I am also going shopping at MAC and NARS tomorrow, so I might even have some lovelies to show. Yay!

MAC To Pamper lipstick swatches & photos

I am loving this color right now. It's a very greyed-beige nude, but it has just enough lustre in it to make me not look completely dead ; )
I am actually loving the lustre finish on this!

To pamper is limited edition from the fabulous felines collection. MAC has another lipstick in their permanent line that is similar and also a lustre finish, fresh brew.
Another color that I have that is very similar is MAC our pick, which was released last year. But our pick is much more opaque having a satin finish. It makes me look more like a corpse. You can see my swatch of our pick here.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

NARS Roman Holiday lipstick swatches

Mmm Roman holiday is a lovely shade of bubblegum pink. It looks mauve in some light, but overall it is the perfect barbie pink color!

The formula is quite sheer, but it's also buildable which is awesome.

here is a swatch of MAC viva glam gaga, it's similar in tone but gaga is lighter and brighter.

NARS Cosmetics Summer 2009 Lipstick

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MAC young punk mineralize eyeshadow swatches and EOTD

Young punk mineralize eyeshadow was released October 2009 with MAC style black collection. It is black with pink sparkles, which tends to look purple. But the sparkles are really pink!

Swatched dry - looks a lot like MAC's beauty marked eyeshadow
Swatched wet: the sparkles are very intense

young punk EOTD:

I've also swatched young punk beside NARS night fever eyeshadow. They are similar, but definitely not dupes.
Check out my post on MAC my dark magic eyeshadow duo here to see how young punk compares!

dry: night fever (Left) young punk (Right)
Night fever is definitely deeper and more pigmented, and it has red pearl, not pink.
night fever & young punk:
You can see the red pearls in night fever here, they aren't very intense in natural light.

My EOTD breakdown:
-MAC paint pot bare study all over
-MAC paint in flammable on lid
-MAC young punk eyeshadow on the lid, blended into crease
-MAC play on plums mineralize eyeshadow in crease, blended upwards
-MAC pigment pink opal to highlight
-Gosh red art liner (bottom lash line)
-Maybelline the falsies mascara

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NOTD Nicole by OPI positive energy matte swatches

Nicole has put out some interesting nail polishes lately. There are about 5 different colors in the limited edition matte series. I really want to try the black one but they were sold out :(
Positive energy is really more like a suede finish, it's not overly matte. It has a ton of shimmer in it that gives it a tin foil effect, it's pretty cool!

One thing I found about matte colors is that they show any flaws on your nails : /
you can see my one nail here is indented, thanks to a cheese grater accident - ouch!

It was really hard to capture the matte effect on camera, since all the shimmer reflects so much light!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gosh Q24 platinum quad swatches and EOTD neutral look

I am so in love with this quad. It's perfect for neutral looks and even better for smoky eyes. It's not warm, that's for sure, it definitely leans on the cool side of neutral.

If you haven't used Gosh eyeshadows before I warn you now they aren't the most pigmented ones in the world. They have a really unique soft texture, which means they are very finely milled. If you use a good base they show up really well, and they blend like a dream.

I swatched these really heavily:
Left to right colors: shimmery sheer white, neutral taupe, charcoal and shimmery silver

They turned out so nice on the eyes, I even used every color in the whole quad!

EOTD breakdown:
-Gosh waterproof e/s primer (stick)
-Every color in the Gosh platinum quad
taupe all over lid, charcoal & shimmery silver in crease, shimmery white & taupe to highlight
-Maybelline cream eyeliner (along lid)
-Annabelle smudgeliner oh my goth! to tight line
-Maybelline the falsies mascara

NARS zen blush swatches & photos

Here I'm wearing Zen applied heavily (with highlighter on the cheek bone as well)

NARS Zen is a highly pigmented matte blush. It is very neutral and leans towards being beige more than anything. This is a really great color for pale gals to lightly contour with!
I love using this to give my cheeks a little pop but still keep them understated so I can accentuate my eyes or lips more.

Here I've got NARS ninotchka blush beside zen:
Swatched ninotchka (left) and zen (right) beside eachother
Zen is 2-3 shades lighter than ninotchka, and it's definitely nowhere near as brown.
To see more photos of ninotchka, click here

And my zen cheek again!Shop NARS Cosmetics