Friday, August 13, 2010

NARS sugarland eyeshadow duo photos & swatches

Sugarland, you are so sweet! So pretty and shimmery and candy-like.
I love this, I lemmed it for 6 months before finally I was able to swap for it - thanks so much to her, a real doll - anyways I didn't realize it is super extremely warm toned.
At least on me, the light bronze turned really orange, and the pink/purple/gold shimmer side turned really light warm pink.
Don't get me wrong, I still loved it, and it looked smashing over MAC indianwood paint pot, or even better over rubenesque...but I looked like I had been crying or something no matter how I wore it. Just way too red toned on me.

Both colors are very shimmery, and a good sticky base is needed for the colors to stick well and pop. I used it over Fyrrinae pixie epoxy and it worked really well.

It really is gorgeous!


Friday, August 6, 2010

MAC french cuff and expensive pink eyeshadow comparison

This photo shows expensive pink is much more vibrant, and almost orange undertone.

Similar yes, but you can see that Expensive pink has more gold in it.

I read in a review for french cuff 'this is the exact same color as expensive pink, if you have expensive pink you don't need this' ...
Well a couple months later I realized I had both. Swatched beside eachother, they are not the same at all.
Expensive pink is a veluxe pearl, which means excellent color pay-off and smooth texture.
French cuff was released first in tailormade 6:warm eyes palette, and more recently as a single in the blonde brunette redhead collection.
It is a lustre finish, and it has great color pay-off without too much fall out. It is slightly gritty in comparison to expensive pink. The tones are similar but french cuff is less golden and more pink.

NARS strada eyeshadow photos and swatches

Another one of those eyeshadows that look better in the pan. This is a gorgeous shade, truly, but if you are pale white like me, be careful! It made me look tired and bruised and old.
Definitely not a good color for me.

And here is a pic of me using pearl beach as a base and strada on top.
NARS cream shadows do not make a good base unless you use a good primer under it. I used my usual paint pot and it creased like mad by the end of the day.
This looked aweful on me, but I'm sure it might look good on someone?

pearl beach & strada: not a good combo for NC10

NARS Sheer Glow & Sheer Matte 468x60

Bare Escentuals buxom lash mascara review

Not very buxom lashes...

I thought this would be a really nice mascara, and since I heard some random youtuber gushing over it I had to try it.
Well the brush is different. Big, and kinda wonky. Actually it's hard to describe so here is the pic:

ya so I figure it would be great for length and volume. Well it turns out that it lengthens alright but doesn't volumize at all. How's that 'buxom' ? Major dissapointment.
It made my lashes separate, and defined them, but meh- lot's of mascaras do that.
The end result was too natural looking for my taste. And too expensive.
On the up-side, it didn't smear or flake at all.
rating: 3/5
price: $18 USD

NARS deep throat, super orgasm and orgasm blushes

Me wearing deep throat.

I am definitely all about the NARS lately. I recently accumulated both orgasm and deep throat, so I decided to compare them to my much-adored super orgasm with swatches.
Here are my own descriptions:
Super orgasm: pink with peach sheen, and super chunky golden glitters
Orgasm: The award winning shade from NARS. peach with golden pink sheen
deep throat: peachy coral (very fine and slight shimmer)
These are all gorgeous blushes and I definitely love all 3. my favorite is still super orgasm.

Orgasm Illuminator

Monday, August 2, 2010

NARS moon fleet lipgloss photos & swatches

I flippin love this gloss. It's so pretty, words can't describe it and photos don't do it justice.
Imagine a dazzleglass that isn't sticky, that has reflective gold and silver particles in a perfectly formulated gloss base. That is moon fleet. It looks awesome on it's own or over other lipsticks.

Pure Matte Lipstick