Thursday, June 17, 2010

Benefit Bad Gal Plum mascara review and neutral EOTD

Benefit Bad Gal lash has a bad rep. But I personally like it. It gives your lashes a nice natural fullness, and doesn't clump. It does flake a bit if you apply too much.

Bad Gal Plum is the same formula and wand as the original, but it is a nice deep aubergine color.
The effect doesn't show up as much when you put it on your lashes, it looks like a dark blackened brown, but you will notice the purple tone in sunlight.

swatch of bad gal plum smudged to show actual color:

My EOTD: NARS night sun, MAC 100 strokes, MAC Vanilla pigment

I found that it really made my green eyes stand out, more than regular mascara.

Overall, I'd suggest checking this out, but you can get a similar effect using one of Almay's colored mascaras for half the price.

repurchase? maybe, if I am feeling frivolous.

price: $22 CAD

rating: 4/5

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NARS Kuala Lumpur duo photos & swatches

Spring 2010 Collection from NARS Cosmetics

Kuala Lumpur is a new NARS duo for spring 2010. 'rose gold/boysenberry infused with gold'
It is absolutely gorgeous and pigmented.

The rose gold side swatches amazingly on my hand, but turns more of a peach when I put it on my eyelids.

peachy rose:

I love this duo but I don't know if it suits me. It is pretty warm toned.

NARS outlaw blush photos & swatches

Outlaw is a deepened flushed pink color with some very slight golden shimmer. It's got a very deep rose base that leans on the warm side. It's very pigmented and should be used sparingly.

On my NC10 skin:
Wearing outlaw, very sheerly:

I really don't like this on me. Definitely would suit darker skin tones better!
I have no idea why but NARS has discontinued this color.

NARS Cosmetics Summer Collection 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rimmel mascara reviews

Rimmel lycra lash extender

I think I give up on rimmel. I don't really like any of their products. I used to be obsessed with eye magnifier mascara, until I discovered Prestige my biggest lashes.

lycra lash extender is a great lengthening mascara. But that's all it does.
It is *excellent* to layer over other mascaras to add on length!
price $5.99 CAD
rating: 3/5

Rimmel sexy curves

Don't waste your money on sexy curves. It made my lashes go wonky, see pic above.
The wand is wavy, and caterpillar like, not very fun to work with.
Just horrible!
price: $8.99 CAD
rating: 1/5

Rimmel eye magnifier

If you want a rimmel mascara, this is the best of the bunch!
It lifts lashes at the root, so you can skip your curler. It lengthens nicely, and adds volume too. The only major drawbacks are that it is hard to wash off, and it dries up quickly.
Oh and don't bother with the eye magnifier "exact definition" mascara, the wand is super flimsy and does not do anything noteworthy for lashes.
price: 8.99 CAD
Rating: 4/5

Glam eyes lash flirt...

Glam eyes lash flirt is pretty mediocre. made my lashes spiky, hate that.
The intense "kohl black" is a gimmick. It's no different than any other black mascara I've used.
the brush on this is prickly, but it does a good job of grabbing every lash.
It lengthens a bit, doesn't add much volume but defines lashes well.
Not horrible, but not so good. It also dried out fast, within a month.
price: 8.99 CAD
rating 2/5

blah rimmel you kinda suck.

NARS orgasm blush and dupe swatches

I compiled these swatches quite a while ago, and an almost dead-on dupe for orgasm is ELF glow blush. Not bad for $1.99, it is so similar that with Glow on one cheek and orgasm on the other, I couldn't tell the difference. ELF also makes a dupe of NARS Albatross highlighter in their new studio line. See Albatross compared with Elf gotta glow blush here.

Spring 2010 Collection from NARS Cosmetics

NARS super orgasm blush photos, swatches and love


I think this is my favorite blush of all time. Pure sex in a pan.
Everyone seems to think that this is the exact same color as the original orgasm blush; and that the only difference is super O has super big chunks of glitter. Not true.
Orgasm is a slightly orange toned peachy pink, with some golden shimmer throughout.
Super Orgasm is rosy pink toned with peach, and lots of golden shimmers and glitter throughout.
Orgasm looked very orange and kinda dirty on me, while Super O looks amazing, and very natural. The crazy glitter falls out a lot, and does not end up on my cheeks.
I have been using this blush every day since I got it. Makes me look so glowy, natural, and beachy. Perfect for summer.
price: $25 USD
Rating 10/5

Here's a comparison swatch of both Orgasms:

courtesy of

This is how Super O looks on my fair neutral skin:

Orgasm Illuminator