Friday, August 6, 2010

Bare Escentuals buxom lash mascara review

Not very buxom lashes...

I thought this would be a really nice mascara, and since I heard some random youtuber gushing over it I had to try it.
Well the brush is different. Big, and kinda wonky. Actually it's hard to describe so here is the pic:

ya so I figure it would be great for length and volume. Well it turns out that it lengthens alright but doesn't volumize at all. How's that 'buxom' ? Major dissapointment.
It made my lashes separate, and defined them, but meh- lot's of mascaras do that.
The end result was too natural looking for my taste. And too expensive.
On the up-side, it didn't smear or flake at all.
rating: 3/5
price: $18 USD

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