Friday, August 6, 2010

MAC french cuff and expensive pink eyeshadow comparison

This photo shows expensive pink is much more vibrant, and almost orange undertone.

Similar yes, but you can see that Expensive pink has more gold in it.

I read in a review for french cuff 'this is the exact same color as expensive pink, if you have expensive pink you don't need this' ...
Well a couple months later I realized I had both. Swatched beside eachother, they are not the same at all.
Expensive pink is a veluxe pearl, which means excellent color pay-off and smooth texture.
French cuff was released first in tailormade 6:warm eyes palette, and more recently as a single in the blonde brunette redhead collection.
It is a lustre finish, and it has great color pay-off without too much fall out. It is slightly gritty in comparison to expensive pink. The tones are similar but french cuff is less golden and more pink.

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