Monday, August 27, 2012

Kat Von D lock-it tattoo foundation review

So lately I've been experimenting with all sorts of different foundations, and after hearing KVD had a new foundation out I practically ran to Sephora to try it.
I love the way Kat's face always looks very smooth and well, perfectly covered:

Dare I say that this foundation actually makes my skin look almost as amazing as Kat's? Well, I'll let you be the judge when you see my before and after pics.

The shade I chose was the second lightest, light 44 'For fair skin with beige undertones'. It's about an NC15 in MAC..maybe more neutral (MAC runs very yellow).
Just an FYI, the lightest shade of lock-it 'light 42' is very very light. It will be an excellent match for those with very fair skin who have a hard time finding a shade light enough.

KVD tattoo foundation shade Light 44:

The packaging is amazing, very pretty like all KVD's line. I love that it comes in a tube, with a pump dispenser.

side view (pump):

What it says on the back of the box:

swatched on my hand:

Blended into my hand:

Coverage is just amazing. Well, you will see just how great it is in the before and after pics:

Before :(nothing on skin, just moisturizer)

After: (with lock-it foundation)

Pretty amazing huh? My skin is suffering some redness and a few breakouts lately, and with this stuff on it looks absolutely perfect. LOVE it.
The finish is matte, but it isn't flat like some mattifying foundations. It maintains a skin like glow on your face and actually doesn't look too heavy or cakey.

Wear time was pretty good, after about 12 hours I got a bit of patchiness where my skin was getting a bit dry.
This would not hold out for 24 hours as claimed, but why would you need a foundation to last that long anyways?

Overall this is what I think of it:


- great color selection
- beautiful packaging
- long lasting
- superior coverage
- controls oil


- smells sort of nasty..can't really compare to anything but I don't like it
- can make your skin feel dry
- doesn't live up to the 24 hr claim
- expensive

I need to mention that I have recently used Make up forever's matte + velvet foundation and it is very similar to this. The coverage is not quite as good, but it doesn't dry out my skin like lock-it does.
The only one that comes close to lock-it in terms of coverage is Estee Lauder maximum coverage camouflage. Will do a review on that one at some point too.

I think that if you are looking for a true full coverage foundation you need to try this.

Repurchase? No. I found it to be too drying for my skin.

Price: $41 CAD

Rating: 4/5


Sarah said...

I've been curious about this foundation, thanks for your review! It sounds like it might be too drying for me and be heavier coverage than what I usually reach for, but I am still curious to try it.

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Great review, it definitely looks awesome on your skin!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is theee best review so far! Putting up the before/after pics and swatch on your hand was SO helpful I have to order this online as we don't have this in my country & think light 44 will be my color so thanks :)
If you haven't already you should review Stila stay all day foundation

Lexa said...

Hello and thank you everyone.
I'm so glad I can be of help, or that this post was helpful! :)
to anonymous trying to contact, my email is in my 'about me' section, but I *really should* have a contact page now that you mention it.
I'm getting on that right now ;)

Candice said...

It's so great to be able to see before and after pictures of what a product can do so thanks for sharing that!

I just tried the product today and did a quick "impressions" review (since I only had a sample and won't be able to try it long term anyway. I linked to your post!

bitters said...

Your skin is amazing and looks better bare :)

Lexa Black said...

bitters.. thank you so much! That is such a huge compliment to me, you made my day!!! :)

Mary {Em.} said...

I' really curious to try it!

Mocha1980 said...

I love it cause I have very oily skin and it keeps me matte all day

vay said...

the 42 is white pink?
because, im very verywhite but understone pink.
the white yellow is very ugly for my face.
valria bs as argentina!!:)