Saturday, September 1, 2012

MAC studio fix boldblack lash mascara review

I love trying MAC mascaras since mascara is one beauty item that only lasts 3-6 months and instead of throwing it away you can back to MAC it. It's just great!

My latest mascara purchase from MAC was studio fix in boldblack - since I like intense black lashes :)

This is what MAC has to say about studio fix bold black :
'Innovative, mousse-like formula gives superior definition, volume and lift by filling in sparse lashes for a dramatic effect now in carbon black.'

I do agree that it does give good volume and some definition. The formula is quite wet and can be a little messy, it clumps really easily.

The brush is made of hard plastic with little teeth that grab lashes well.

studio fix lash wand:
I didn't like this wand too much, it wasn't flexible at all and it was rough on my lash line when trying to get the mascara into the lash roots.

It really gave a lot of volume and I loved the black intensity. Unfortunately, it did flake as you can see in the picture below.

Wearing 2 coats of studio fix boldblack:

You can see the little flakes under my eyes. Not cool.
With 2 coats it was very hard to get the mascara not to clump. I think it's because the formula is so wet that it makes it difficult not to get too much product on the wand. Wiping the wand with a paper towel before applying would be best I think.

Overall, I didn't really like this mascara as much as others from MAC. It held curl alright, added a little length and a lot of volume. But it flaked through the day, and it ended up irritating my eyes just like zoom lash did.

If you like volume I think you would like this, but I wouldn't recommend it because it does have the tendency to clump and flake. A better option for volume and length would be MAC's false lashes mascara which doesn't clump or flake. Oops I still have to review that one!

Repurchase? No

Price: $19 CAD

Rating: 2.5/5


Anna Ho said...

I used to use this mascara, but switched to drugstore mascaras that are at least just as good and cheaper. You should try using MAC Prep+Prime Lash! It helps with the flaking. I love Prep+Prime Lash! You have amazing lashes btw <3

Lexa said...

Thanks Anna! I am definitely going to check out MAC's lash primer. I recently tried smashbox and it was ok but I know there is better out there..:)