Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chanel tempting beige powder blush photos and swatches

This was my very first Chanel blush. I ended up getting a tester since it's the cheapest way to try it out! (You can find all sorts of Chanel testers for sale on Ebay for about 1/2 the retail price).

Tempting beige is a very warm rich brown toned peach. There are tiny shimmer particles laced through it but they seem to look natural and luminous on the skin.

Tempting beige is super pigmented and packs a nice color even with light application.
I found it very easy to blend, and the color left me with a natural glowy looking finish.

wearing Chanel tempting beige:

I really packed it on here to show the color on my face. Normally I use a less amount and blend it with my highlighter to create a more subltle cheek. 

I have been looking for a nice neutral blush color to wear everyday and just haven't found the right one. I thought tempting beige might be it, but it's just too warm for me.

I think tempting beige is a beautiful color that would suit practically any skin tone. For very fair skin I recommend using a lighter hand or it can make you look sunburned.

I like Chanel blush because it lasts all day and the pigmentation is amazing.
Have you tried any Chanel blush? What is your favorite 'go to' everyday blush color?


Sarah said...

This looks like a really pretty, easy-to-wear color! I always want to use bronzer as a neutral blush color, but it is too dark for me. I think this would be a nice alternative! I haven't tried any Chanel blushes, but that is a great tip about being able to buy testers from Ebay!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I had no idea that you could find testers for this sort of thing. Good idea! I think this colour is very flattering on you!

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