Sunday, February 3, 2013

MAC Archies girls haul, swatches, photos and FOTD

 Hello all, I could not resist this collection because I was pretty well obsessed with Archie comics when I was a kid. Part of me thought maybe I should pass since I'm a grown up now but then I saw the color story and everything that is in Betty's collection just called my name.

So here we go, $240 CAD later...

 I got flatter me pearl matte, veronica's blush pearlmatte, cream soda blush, lord it up pearlglide eyeliner, summer sweetheart lipglass, betty bright lipstick and caramel sundae eyeshadow quad.

This is mainly just a photo swatch post, but I am going to be doing a comparison post soon.
I know there are many swatches floating around out there already, but in case you want to see how they look on super pale skin NC10/NC15 then this is for you. My camera likes to pick up odd cool/warm tones so they are not the most accurate of swatches but I tried to capture how the products look on me.

Betty bright lipstick:

Swatches betty bright lipstick (top) and  summer sweetheart lipglass (bottom) :

 wearing Betty Bright lipstick :

Wearing summer sweetheart lipglass:


 lord it up pearlglide swatch :

Caramel sundae quad swatches :

 Veronicas blush pearlmatte swatch  (this one is not nearly matte!) :

 Flatter me pearlmatte swatch :

cream soda blush swatch  (this was sooo pigmented I was shocked!) :

 My 'Betty' FOTD (breakdown below) :

- MAC bare study paint pot
-caramel sundae quad
- lord it up pearlglide
- prestige my biggest lashes mascara
- MAC brow pencil lingering
- MAC prep & prime highlighter radiant rose
- Revlon Colorstay foundation normal/dry 110 ivory
- MAC careblend powder light  
Cheeks :
- Cream soda blush (on apples)
- flatter me pearlmatte (lightly over top cream soda blush)
- summer sweetheart lipglass

What did you think of the Archie's girls collection? Did you want/get anything from it?


Candice said...

Such a beautiful, fresh look you created. You look beautiful. Very nice collection too, I like it!

Lexa Black said...

Thank you so much Candice! :)

eight said...

Looks beautiful on you! I like the look of the Betty items, but I probably won't indulge because budget D:

schwabj said...

Everything looks gorgeous! I'm not sure what to get since it all looks great!

I've nominated you for a Liebster award! Visit my blog for the post.

Lexa Black said...

Thank you Eight!

Schwabj, thanks so much :)))

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I didn't get anything from it but the Betty stuff certainly is really flattering on you!

Tamil Rouge said...

Your Review is great! ♥
I really like your Reviews!

Greetz Shriya