Monday, June 27, 2011

NOTD: Joe Fresh twilight swatches and photos (pic heavy)

For once us Canadians have something cool that other countries don't. It's Joe fresh style nail polish in twilight.
This polish is so amazing I almost had a heart attack when I found it at Zehrs supermarket. Only $4 CAD, ya that's amazing.

The colors in this polish are really really unique.
To start we have a blackened green jelly-like base. Then it is just loaded with flakies that change colors from copper to orange and deep green to emerald green.

The formula isn't the greatest and it works best over a base coat. I used one coat of rimmel 'night before' to start with. In case you were wondering this is a dupe of claire's 'magic' nail polish.

My apologies as my nails are messy since I was in a rush doing these swatches and trying to get ready to go out!

Rimmel night before (1 coat):

Then I applied 2 coats of Joe twilight. It was glossy, and absolutely gorgeous. I must have stared at them for 15 minutes or so.

Joe twilight (2 coats):
After taking about 30 shots I realized that this polish looks best in person. Photos cannot capture it's beauty!

Then I decided to try it matte and I applied one coat of rescue beauty lounge matte top coat. It looked really cool. The flakies popped more and my nails looked like some rock candies.

After applying RBL matte top coat:

Love this polish so much! I don't know if it's LE or not, but you can find it (hopefully) in stores that carry Joe Fresh style cosmetics. They include loblaws, superstore and zehrs markets.


VijiiS said...

I want that Joe polish, but it doesn't look like I can get to it.

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Great review! I always see these at Superstore when I go grocery shopping and I have been tempted by the fact that they are $4. The one you showed here looks pretty nice, maybe I'll have to pick a couple out!

Lexa said...

Indeed these are a steal 3 for $10!