Sunday, May 30, 2010

Almay intense i color mascara reviews

Almay intense i color w/ 'light interplay' technology in
Black flash (for brown eyes)
Intense I color technology = little reflective shimmers barely visible to the naked eye...

Almay has come out with a few different colored mascaras recently. They are marketed to bring out your eye color. The newest launch is intense I color mascara with light interplay technology. The brush is nice and plump, with thick bristles to add on lots of volume.
I wanted to try something different, so I grabbed the color 'black flash'. It is supposed to bring out brown eyes. But I figured it would be cool to try on my eyes. I was expecting some sort of colored pigment in the mascara, but when I opened it, it looked very intense black. I used it multiple times, trying to see this 'light interplay technology' come to life.
No dice.
Slightly disappointed, I was determined to see just what (if any) difference this 'black flash' was beside a regular black mascara. I took the wand and smeared some of the formula on the back of my hand. It still looked plain black. Then, in the light, I saw a glimmer. A magenta glimmer. And then another one, and surprisingly, this mascara does have tiny microscopic flecks of magenta glitter in it. Cool right? Well, the shimmer is so undetectable that no matter which light I tried to photograph it in it would not show up. I couldn't see it on my lashes at all either. So I got frustrated and tossed it. Won't buy again. Total false advertising. It did lengthen and volumize well though.
price:12.99 CAD
Rating: 2/5

Intense i color w/ light interplay technology in black flash

I don't see any difference in my eye color. or the sparkles. wah.

I really like Almay intense i color volumizing mascara in raisin quartz. The brush on the regular i color mascara is very prickly plastic, with odd little edges which makes it excellent for grabbing every single lash. Sorry I don't have a pic of it. It is in a dull looking grey tube.
The plummy color really brought out the green in my eyes. It separated my lashes and volumized a bit, but didn't lengthen much. Overall, not a bad mascara. I would like to try it in a different color. Oh it did dry out kinda fast. Within a month it was pretty well completely dried up.
price: 9.99 CAD
rating: 3.5/5
Intense i color volumizing raisin quartz.

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