Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MAC Plush Lash mascara review

Wearing plush full lashes

When you go to MAC next, take a look at the brush on plush lash. WHOA...weird huh?

Here is MAC's description of plush lash :
"..Goes on via an innovative, specially patented wand with a v-shaped groove that prunes the bristles on one side while leaving the other side full and lush. The short bristles coax the lashes upward to an extraordinarily sophisticated yet flirtatious curl, while the other side separates and combs the lashes root-to-tip creating a long, well-defined glamor lash. Volumizing, lengthening, curling, lifting. "

Basically, one side is super flat, to "lift" lashes, and the other side is huge, (think diorshow-ish or bad gal-like) and pumps lashes up with volume.

the brush:
It was insanely hard to get a good shot of the flat end of the brush : (
I was skeptical at first, but to my surprise, this mascara delivers.
In my experience, the flat end of the wand didn't lift my lashes as much as I'd have liked, but the end result was very nice. I used the volumizing 'plush' side first, and then the flat side to add on a second coat and held it vertically on just the tips of my lashes..then bam! they were coated and fanned out perfectly. No smearing or flaking at all. Nice length and volume.

MAC mascaras have quite a bad rep, but I definitely think this is worth a repurchase. It lasted me a good few months. Not to mention that once it dries out you can use it for B2M, which is absolutely awesome.

Price: $17 CAD

My rating: 4 /5

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