Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NARS super orgasm blush photos, swatches and love


I think this is my favorite blush of all time. Pure sex in a pan.
Everyone seems to think that this is the exact same color as the original orgasm blush; and that the only difference is super O has super big chunks of glitter. Not true.
Orgasm is a slightly orange toned peachy pink, with some golden shimmer throughout.
Super Orgasm is rosy pink toned with peach, and lots of golden shimmers and glitter throughout.
Orgasm looked very orange and kinda dirty on me, while Super O looks amazing, and very natural. The crazy glitter falls out a lot, and does not end up on my cheeks.
I have been using this blush every day since I got it. Makes me look so glowy, natural, and beachy. Perfect for summer.
price: $25 USD
Rating 10/5

Here's a comparison swatch of both Orgasms:

courtesy of karlasugar.net

This is how Super O looks on my fair neutral skin:

Orgasm Illuminator

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