Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Benefit they're real mascara review

The latest mascara I'm using is Benefit 'they're real'. Anything that even hints at creating a fake lash look is always a must try!

I have developed a love and hate relationship with 'they're real'. It has some very good points, but some irritating ones as well.

The brush, well I couldn't get a good close up shot; but I will try and describe it.
It's got fine plastic bristles all over but at the top of the wand it sort of fans out into a spiky circle.
At first I thought this was odd and unnecessary, but wow, it helps to catch every single lash!
I don't think any mascara I've ever used has really grabbed every lash in just a couple swipes.

The brush:

The formula, is very unique. It is sticky, and it doesn't really completely dry. I find if I use a lot of layers my top and bottom lashes will get stuck together. I hate that!
It's also not the easiest to build up, you can only really do 2-3 coats before it just starts to get so thick and sticky it looks like your lashes are all one big fat eyelash. Well not quite but you get the idea!

Wearing 2 coats of Benefit they're real:

Do my lashes look fake? nah I don't think so.

They're real gives longer slightly thicker lashes with decent separation. Nothing too amazing. It holds curl ok, but it doesn't 'lift' them up as claimed.
The wear of this mascara is really good. It doesn't flake, smear or smudge at all!
That's because it's waterproof. Gimmicky that they don't advertise it, but it is absolutely a waterproof mascara. It is so hard to get off my lashes I always wake up with left over black panda eyes the next day. I hate that so much.

I love the fact that I can put this on and 8 hours later my lashes still look great, and I don't have to worry about it flaking down my face at work.
I hate the fact that they put so much hype on it when it's performance is actually quite average, my lashes don't look anywhere near fake, doesn't lift lashes, and they don't mention that it's waterproof.

Overall, I will use it up, but I don't think I'm going to be trying things from Benefit anymore.
I find I am almost always disappointed in their products for the price, and they are just too gimmicky.
For $30 I would much rather grab myself a tube of diorshow black out, thank you.
I think if you are curious and don't mind waterproof mascara or a hefty price tag go ahead and try it. Otherwise, I'd say pass! It's really not that impressive.

repurchase? no

rating: 3/5

price: $29 CAD (OUCH!!!)


VijiiS said...

$30? I was thinking of trying it because it's only $22 here, but you're right: for $30, I'd *much* rather have Dior!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I AGREE!!!! I hate most of Benefit's products because of their poor quality but have been lured in by the cute/gimmicky packaging.