Monday, November 21, 2011

Kat Von D lolita lipstick photos and swatches

I love my KVD painted love lipsticks. They are perfectly formulated to stay on nicely and they don't dry my lips out one bit.

Lolita is on the creamy side, not matte at all. More like a MAC amplified cream finish.
The color is described as 'dusty rose'. I am slightly put off because on me, this is absolutely not dusty rose.

Lolita lipstick is more ' light warm red' than anything. Very warm. In the container, it looks more pink than it is.
If you want dusty rose, I'd say lovecraft lipstick is closer to that color, it's my absolute favorite from the line.

swatch of Lolita:

It's pretty, just not the color I expected :/ I don't like overly warm colors on my skin tone.

Wearing lolita:

I now need to track down KVD Mi Vida Loca lipstick, which is a brown beige. It's discontinued, any help finding it would be appreciated :)

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Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I can't find Mi Vida Loca either. I do enjoy Lolita though!