Monday, January 30, 2012

MAC Azalea blossom blush ombre swatches, comparisons and FOTD

I got Azalea blossom with the recent Daphne Guinness collection from MAC. I have a little weak spot for lavender! I have a few similarly toned blushes so I figured I would do some comparison swatches.

Colors left to right:
Smashbox dolce vita, MAC azalea blossom, MAC briar rose, MAC Dame

Swatches left to right:
Smashbox dolce vita, MAC azalea blossom (pink side), MAC azalea blossom (purple side), MAC azalea blossom (mixed), MAC briar rose, MAC Dame
Same swatches as above with slightly different lighting:
Smashbox dolce vita is light lavender pink with gold shimmer - similar in tones but definitely not a dupe.
Briar rose is very similar, only it has a touch more pink.
Dame is more on the pink red side with faint cool blue pearl, not so much lavender in it really.
Out of all these blushes which one do I reach for the most? Surprisingly, smashbox dolce vita! It's so pretty and gives me a nice glow.

Here is my FOTD wearing azalea blossom, I used both sides of it mixed. It gives a light cool pink flush to my cheeks:

I like azalea blossom, but compared to other colors I have I don't think it's overly unique.
I do like that you can use either side of it depending on what look you want to do. It's practically two blushes in one!

I also had vintage grape blush ombre (also released with Daphne Guinness) but it made me look like I got punched in the face. It was very dark and very purple, definitely not a good fit for pale skin! I didn't bother swatching it since it was so awful on me.

MAC please re-promote ripe peach and springshine blush ombres!

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AnaDeadMystic said...

i love azalea blossom blush.
Thanks for this pic
Kisses from Panama!