Monday, February 6, 2012

Maybelline superstay 14 HR lipstick in beige forgood photos and swatches

Well now, I think I have a new favorite lipstick! This color is fabulous. The formula is decent. The price is right!

These new Maybelline superstay lipsticks don't hold up for 14 hrs unless you don't eat or drink anything while wearing them. Otherwise, on me they last about 4-6 hours which is pretty good for a drugstore lipstick.
Beige forgood - is pretty well my new favorite go-to nude. It's the perfect mix of beige brown and pink. It's natural, subtle and looks great with pale skin. It does carry a slight hint of grey, just a warning it could look corpse like on some complexions.

So many nude colors turn awful shades of orange, bright pink or mud on me. This one is perfection.

Beige forgood swatch:

Wearing beige forgood:

Of course hardly anything is perfect, but this is close. My only dislike is the fragrance. It is really different from anything I've smelled in a lipstick before. It's sweet yet strong and chemically, not pleasant. But the good thing is that it fades after a while.

The finish is really nice, not totally matte, more like a MAC satin finish.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that this color is similar to Guerlain divinora deep and matte #480, discontinued and rare shade - and yes one of Angelina Jolie's favorite lipsticks. Beige forgood is possibly a smidge cooler but really, it's similar! The Guerlain is absolutely more matte in finis.

Comparison pic (Guerlain was taken without flash)

Edited to add:
Other lipsticks beige forgood is similar to is MAC our pick and fondle. I think fondle is more brown, but beige forgood and our pick are super close.


If you are looking for a new nude lipstick I highly reccomend checking this color out! It's quite inexpensive too at $9 CAD.

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Sari said...

Gorgeous color! My favorite nude is a Prescriptives shade that was discontinued, before that it was an Urban Decay shade that was discontinued... I'll have to give this a try and see if it gets close! I have a hard time finding nude that looks alright on me, as I am pale but have relatively pigmented lips. Thanks for the pictures and recommendation!