Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Max Factor volume couture mascara review

Max factor products have been discontinued in the past year from the US and Canada. They are however, still manufactured and sold in Europe. Most Max Factor products can be found online and at certain discount suppliers and clearance outlets.

I've heard really great things about volume couture mascara, and I found out for myself the positive buzz is true! Too bad it's discontinued here.
'Volume couture' - such a great name for a mascara. Very appealing and lush sounding.
The packaging is nothing special, just a black tube and white writing. The brush is interesting, plastic with lots of small teeth that aren't sharp! They grab each lash and add the perfect amount of product to them.

The brush:
The color I used was 'soft black', I was impressed because it looked nice and deep black on my lashes.
It added volume and length quickly, I found it very easy to apply to my eyes when I was in a rush.

The result:
I gave me nice intense lashes without a lot of work. Two swipes and they looked great. It held up curl and didn't flake off or smudge.
I loved the amount of volume and the way it defined my lashes. I do wish it had added a bit more length, then it would be absolutely perfect.
I really can't say anything bad about it, except it isn't easy to find nowadays.


Price: $7 CAD

Rating: 4/5

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Vulcan_Butterfly said...

That looks like a great mascara for a great price!