Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kat Von D metal orchestra palette photos and EOTD

I hope everyone had a great long weekend! I didn't do very much, just spent some quality time with family.

I used this palette today, to do a smoky blue eyed look.
If you are familiar with the looks I do, you already know I don't use blue eyeshadow.. like ever.
In fact, this is probably the only real blue EOTD you will ever see on my blog.
I read a few reviews saying that metal orchestra had the most 'wearable' blue colors, and after seeing other people's EOTD's they did with this I thought I may as well try it!

The Colors in this palette with my own descriptions:

- First Class (white with glitter)
- Techno (light blue with glitter)
- Thrasher (deeper medium blue with shimmer)
- Dagger ( Dark navy blue with glitter)
- Lucifer (matte black, this color is found in almost all KVD palettes!)
- Glock (gunmetal silver shimmer, also in KVD adora palette)
- Razor Gray (medium grayed silver)
- Slayer cream shadow (shiny metallic silver, also found in KVD adora palette)

And here is my EOTD using the blue shadows:

This is another EOTD I did with metal orchestra, using the silver and greys:

I can't believe how much I actually like this palette. I avoid blue shadow like the plague but the way the colors are coordinated in metal orchestra makes the blues easy to use, and surprisingly edgy looking.
I think that metal orchestra is similar to the adora love and fury palette in that all the colors are deep and dramatic, and really make a statement. Not for those who only wear neutrals that's for sure!

Once again I am impressed with the packaging, quality and pigment of this palette. I have yet to find a Kat Von D palette that I don't like!

What do you think of blue eyeshadow? would you wear it?


Robyn said...

Thraser looks lovely! I do wear blue fairly often, I don't think it's anything to be scared of! This looks like a lovely palette - nice smoky blues, not scary 80's ones!

VijiiS said...

I have and adore this palette. The one trouble is that the cream shadow WILL dry up.

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I have this palette also, and it ROCKS for creating a blue smokey eye. I love the one that you created! I also agree with Vijii above, that damn cream eyeliner has dried up on me!

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