Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The body shop big and curvy mascara review

I started a new job Monday so if I'm not posting as often in the next while it's because I'm exhausted! I'm so dead tired but I wanted to do this review for everyone.

A while ago I had some store credit at the body shop (since their vitamin E illuminating moisture cream burned my skin!) and, I picked this mascara up because it was really cute looking pink and black tube. Lesson #1 never let cute packaging be the sole reason for your purchase!

The Claim:

' Big and curvy mascara makes lashes appear up to nine times thicker and noticeably curvier. A unique smudge, flake and smear resistant formula holds lashes in place for a curve that lasts '.

Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Let me tell you, it is!

The brush :

The brush is thin and long, and shaped sort of like a cone. The bristles are tiny and they hold a lot of product, so I had excess product building up each time I used it. Eventually, after maybe the 5th use the brush was so loaded with the sticky formula it came out of the tube like a big black gooey blob. Not cool.

This mascara went on my lashes nicely, but I found it didn't add very much volume or length in one coat. I needed two coats to get some decent volume. And then this happened:

with 2 coats big and curvy mascara:

It clumped up in patches, because the brush held on to bits of the sticky formula in different areas. I'm sure that if I wiped off the excess mascara from the wand before applying I would not have as much clumping, but then I'd be wasting the product.
This is not only where this mascara fell short.
At first the mascara goes on sticky and wet, and dries to a slightly crunchy feeling mess. This resulted in MAJOR flaking. I don't usually have issues with mascaras falling in bits and pieces all down my face, but with this I ended up wearing more on my face than on my lashes.

There is no way to justify paying over $20 for such a disappointing product.
One thing it did happen to do was keep my lashes up, somewhat curved. I attribute this to the formula, which hardens as it dries so that your lashes stay in place.
However, I would not recommend this mascara to anyone, ever. There are much better mascaras out there for even 1/4 of the price!

lesson #2 just because something is expensive doesn't mean it's any better than something lower end.
Example: I have recently been using a mascara from Asia that costs $1.50 CAD and it's one of the best I have ever used. Review to follow, but it is called 'chaarming-cat waterproof mascara'.

Repurchase? No. never.

Price: $21 CAD

Rating: 1/5

I just realized this is the lowest rating I've ever given a mascara on my blog!


Rosie said...

This mascara was a big disappointment for me too, especially considering the price! I am glad to read that I am not the only one who is not satisfied.

Adrienne said...

sucks that it was so expensive :( I have a lot of problems with mascaras. The surf baby blush doesnt really compare to ripe peach, ripe peach is more golden and a good few shades lighter hope this helps x

Red lips, Black hair said...

Looked dry on the brush. Not at all what i'd expect for $20!