Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Clinique fresh bloom all over color swatches

I don't use very much makeup from Clinique, but one of the cutest things they sell are the fresh bloom all over color palettes. They are shaped as a flower and contain two colors, one light and one a little deeper.
They can be used to add some shimmer on eyes, and highlight or blush on cheeks.

There are a few colors available, I have almond blossom and posy.
I used to have peony too but I didn't like it as much. It's a light beige with a pink flower. It was too dark to highlight with and too light to use as a blush.

Posy :

Mine broke in transit, in case you were wondering what happened. Even though it broke I repressed it and I am still able to use it as a blush.

Posy is a shimmery mauve pink brown color.

wearing posy on my cheeks:

Almond blossom:

Almond blossom is a warm shimmery bronze brown

Wearing almond blossom on my cheeks:

These function the same way MAC mineralize skin finishes do. Of course they look a little prettier, with the flower pattern. They are also a lot less glittery than MSF's.
They aren't a must have product, but nice to have if you like shimmery highlighting powders.
They are a bit expensive at $38.50 CAD but I guess pretty designs/packaging always seem to cost more!

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