Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MAC style blush photos, swatches and FOTD

I'm not dead, I'm just taking some time off since my camera died! I found a few things on my computer today so I will post whatever I can before I get my new cam next week :)
Anyways, one of my more recent loves is MAC style blush.

My lame old camera didn't pick up the bright quality of this blush, when you see it in the store it looks very orange and almost a little fluorescent.
I was scared how it would look on my cheeks but very happily surprised to find out it's quite sheer.
Style is described as 'Coral-peach with gold pearl' my description is 'sheer peach with gold shimmer'. It's a very beautiful color and it reminds me of a brighter NARS deepthroat. Although deepthroat is much more pigmented.

swatches of style blush:

this is two swipes layered, the flash has washed it out a bit.

This blush is so sheer, I even have to layer it to show up on my skin! I like it though, since I never put too much on that way.

Wearing style blush, layered a couple times:

I like this color a lot because it really does brighten up my face. The shimmer particles are quite small and they don't exaggerate pores or look clownish in any way. It looks natural enough that I use this when I want to go for the 'nude' look.
I would not recommend this shade for deeper skin tones as I don't think it would show up unless you really piled it on. For fair skin, this is a must have peach color!


VijiiS said...

I have this shade and like it very much!

John Kim said...

I found some wonder women mac stuff from my supplier. I'm definitely going to have to purchase some now.

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Love it! It's a great colour on you!

Anonymous said...

What is your favorite, pretty but natural looking blush? We have very similar skin tones and I'm having trouble finding a good blush.

I love your site!!!!


Lexa said...

Honestly I think my favorite nude cheek color is MAC beauty powder in her own devices. I love the glowy finish of it, but another color that is similar (yet matte) is MAC blushbaby. Other ones I like are Chanel tempting beige and Bobbi Brown almond. They are all in the same 'nude' family. HTH :)