Monday, July 25, 2011

Some slytherin green EOTD looks using Kat Von D gypsy palette

I have some pics to share from before my camera croaked, in salutation to Harry Potter I present my slytherin green eyeshadow looks.
These were all done with Kat Von D's amazing gypsy palette. Sadly this is one of the only palettes that is really hard to find now because it was limited edition.

I hope to inspire those that own the gypsy palette to play with the different colors and try new looks.
If you don't have the gypsy palette well I assure you there are dupes of these colors out there.

To dupe the colors in gypsy try MAC carbon, club, trax and bitter eyeshadows as well as true chartreuse pigment. Also try NARS night porter eyeshadow and The body shop 08 emerald eye shimmer shadow to create the same effects seen below.
Sorry I don't have a dupe for the cream eyeshadow, as it was pretty dried up when I got this palette :/

true love palette gypsy:

Here is my most recent dark smokey green EOTD that I wore to see harry potter and the deathly hollows part 2:

Full slytherin face:

Another lighter green EOTD:

And here I used all the colors on the right side of the gypsy palette. I adored this look.

Thank you for looking! And to my fellow Harry Potter fans, what did you think of the movie?


Sari said...

Love this eye look, the green really suits you! I liked the movie a lot, but I found the epilogue to be a little cheesy... and is it just me, or did they hardly bother ageing the actors? What did you think of the film?

Lexa said...

Thanks Sari!
Personally I loved the movie. I had chills the whole way through.
I felt that they left some important parts out from the book, but otherwise great job.
You are right, they hardly aged the characters at the end. It seems that they could have done a better job of that.

Anonymous said...

you pretty! you look like an elven princess or something. nice blog, i like how you review so many different brands/products!

Lexa said...

Thank you so much <3