Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Max Factor false lash effect mascara review

Any mascara with the words 'false lashes' instantly grabs my attention. I'm obsessed with thick, long full eyelashes, but I don't like using actual falsies. Any mascara that claims to have the same effect as falsies is an instant buy.
I should mention that this mascara was sent to me from a friend in the UK for me to try, she knows how obsessed I am with mascara haha.

False lash effect comes in a huge black tube, shaped rather familiarly...
I've seen this somewhere before...
False lash effect brush:

Can anyone guess what other mascara this resembles? One that comes in an orange tube maybe..?
How odd that this looks just like cover girl lash blast only painted black!
More on that later, let's see if false lash effect really makes lashes look fake.

Well, no it doesn't give me fake looking lashes. I have yet to find a mascara that actually makes lashes look fake, but the closest would be diorshow blackout.
What false lash effect did do was give length, separation and held onto curl nicely.

wearing Max factor false lash effect:

I really like this mascara because it gives your lashes that fuller look by separating the lashes. I also loved the length it added.
What I didn't love was that after a few hours I would get little black specks flaking off onto my face. No smudging, just some slight flaking. The funny thing is that Cover girl lash blast did the exact same thing on me. I can't help but wonder if these mascaras are identical. I haven't used lash blast in a long time but from what I remember it performed exactly the same as this!
Overall this mascara is pretty nice, but do beware that it might flake a bit. The waterproof version could be a better option for longer wear.

Anyone wanting to try out false lash effect but can't get Max factor, don't worry just go pick up cover girl lash blast.

repurchase? possibly in waterproof version, or might just go for waterproof lash blast!

rating: 4/5

price: £10.99

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