Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Trash review: Revlon colorstay foundation

The latest product I've completely used up is Revlon colorstay foundation for normal/dry skin.
I've had a few issues with my skin in recent months and this foundation has saved me!

A few months ago I had a major breakout from trying a new alpha hydoxy acid lotion, leaving behind horrible scarring on my chin.
I also started a new job where I am doing a lot of physical work and sweating a lot. On top of that it's become very humid here and my skin is now slightly oily yet still dry...very finicky.

So I need a foundation that :
1. will stay on through sweating/blotting/in melting humid hot weather
2. will not clog my pores
3. will cover up redness, scars and pimples
4. will not irritate my sensitive skin
5. will most importantly, match my pale skin!

I usually use L'oreal true match foundation shade N1, (I love this) but it just doesn't stay put all day through heavy sweating and hot weather.

Colorstay has provided my skin with excellent staying power, great coverage and best of all, no break outs! Actually, the best thing is that it doesn't irritate my skin one bit.

Ivory 110 is a perfect match for my skin! It's very neutral, not too pink or yellow. It blends in with my skin quite well.

swatch of colorstay ivory:

blended in:

I love the finish of this foundation. Very natural and skin-like. When I put it on it doesn't look like I'm wearing anything, just great even-toned healthy skin.
This lasts all day until I take it off. It performs like a high-end foundation should.

There are a couple of down sides to colorstay, but I've worked them out!

First, it can be tricky to blend. I apply a thin layer all over my face with my fingers and a second layer patted over the contours of the eye and any spots or blemishes.
One layer won't cover everything. It can look a bit streaky if you don't take the time blend it well, so I take my fluffy face brush and dust over it with some powder to set it and smooth everything out.

Second, it can be difficult to remove. I had a really hard time at first finding a way to remove it at night without stripping off my skin!
I tried using oil to soften it and then used another cleanser to take it all off but I found I was breaking out from the oils. I found an excellent cleanser that is gentle yet effective, clean and clear makeup dissolving foaming cleanser - it is amazing and it takes this off so easily! I will be reviewing that cleanser in the near future.

Overall, I really like this foundation and have already repurchased.
I've tried so many foundations so it's great to finally find one that really works for me.
I should mention a while ago a tried colorstay in ivory for oily/combination skin and it was just a disaster on me. The color oxidized into an orange/pink after applying and it started to break me out. Obviously this was the wrong choice for my skin type.

One of the great things about this is that it isn't too expensive. One bottle lasts about 3 months which is average for me and liquid foundations. It's readily available and often goes on sale.
I say give it a try if you are looking for a long-wearing comfortable foundation.

repurchase? yes...again and again!

rating: 5/5

price: $16 CAD


Dumpster Dude said...

Hmm, The shade goes well with your skin tone.

Sari said...

That foundation is lovely on you, I'm glad to hear you've found one that works! It can be a challenge. I've been using L'Oreal Infallible and I like it pretty well; if you've used it before, can you comment on how it stacks up to Revlon's ColorStay? I may try this next, just to be thorough, even though I'm happy with L'Oreal! Always hunting down the next best thing...

Lexa said...

Thank you Sari!
I recently did try L'oreal infallible. I loved the coverage! amazing. However I found that it oxidized on me and turned orange. It also broke me out after a few days.
Infallible stayed on all day as well, until I took it off.
I'd say colorstay and infallible are quite similar, the main difference is that infallible has even better coverage...but I also found that it wasn't as natural looking in finish as colorstay. I think colorstay looks like skin when applied, infallible looks like makeup, more matte and heavy.
It depends on your skin and what works for you ultimately.
Hope this helps :))

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Great review!

Bubblefairy said...

Hi Lexa - hope you're well. Cheers for the tip re Prestige 'My Biggest Lashes' - still using and really happy with it.

Revlon Colorstay is awesome. I always try new brands thinking I may find something better and never do. I have starting mixing it with a small drop of Vichy Dermablend Foundation to cover my pesky acne scars and it makes it even more flawless and lasts all day. Works especially well with a dusting of powder on top for extra staying powder, but this works better in winter.

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation Stick works well as an amazing concealer and has lasted me almost a year.

Take care and keep up the good work.

lots of love,
The Bubblefairy xxxxx

Lexa said...

Hi bubblefairy!
Thank you for your recommendations.
I just recently tried estee lauder double wear and I have to say I like colorstay much more. It's so natural looking!
I agree using a thick concealer works well with it.
I have been using hard candy glamoflage with colorstay and I love the results! Still looking for a good powder to use overtop though.
I'm also so glad you liked prestige my biggest lashes! It's always sold out at the store near me so I think people are catching on to it!

Bubblefairy said...

Ooh, I will look out for the Hard Candy stuff. Double wear looks appealing but is so thick isn't it. I reckon it would be good if you were on TV or something!

I haven't tried it yet, but I spent a long time researching powders and apparently, NARS loose powder is meant to be the dogs testicles in powders. I will be purchasing it when my current one runs out. That or Laura Mercier loose powder.

I guess we are lucky that we live in an age with scientifically advanced products but sometimes I think there are too many choices! :)

Take care and happy hunting for the perfect powder.