Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blog Renovations :)

Well I think it's time I revamped this site a bit, I'm bored of the way it looks now.
So, if it looks funny when you visit it's because I'm still editing everything.
This could take a few days or even a week or two because I just don't have as much time as I'd like to spend on it.
On an exciting note I'm going to be adding a mascara index page - basically a page where you can view every single mascara I've tested and a link to the review. Not all my reviews are on this blog, some are on makeupalley. So that will take some time, but once it's up I'm sure it's going to be really helpful.
I just realized how crazy about mascaras I am, and thinking maybe I need to make a seperate blog *just* for mascara reviews lol. But I think this index thing will be a great addition to makeup or morte.
A serious idea I'm having is of making a seperate NOTD (nail of the day) blog. It would be really simple, just pics of all my NOTDs which change pretty well every 2-4 days. 
What do you think?


Candice said...

I just discovered your blog today but I am your newest follower and will definitely continue checking out your blog. I personally like a blog with a good variety of different beauty-related posts all in one place, especially when they're organized. I don't personally like having to sub to a lot of different blogs by one same person and I normally would just pick one. I'm not really a nail or mascara kind of girl so in your case I would possibly be subbed only to your more general blog and not the others. BUT I do like a nail and mascara post here and there and I'd still be interested in seeing them and having the chance at skimming quickly through or reading fully.

Lexa said...

Hi Candice!
Thanks so much for your input.
I don't think I'll be doing a nail blog just yet, maybe in the future.
I love variety too, it keeps things interesting.
Thanks for your support :)