Friday, October 15, 2010

NARS Albatross dupe - ELF Gotta Glow Blush comparison

NARS Albatross

I had some great swatches for these on my computer, (and lot's of other pics for my blog) but then it crashed...and I lost them all *cries*.

I salvaged a couple to show you just how similar these two products are.

Elf gotta glow on the left, and Albatross on the right:
Albatross ($26 USD) is a super finely milled powder. You can get a nice glow if you build it up, but I prefer a little more shimmer.
Gotta Glow ($3 USD) is not quite so finely milled, it's a bit 'chunkier' in texture and there are little fine glitter particles (which are not present in Albatross). It also tends to fall-out a bit since it is not so densely pressed.
I could not find much of a difference when I applied each as a highlight on either side of my face.
I found that I actually like Gotta Glow better because it is easier to build up and has some noticeable shimmer.
Up close Left: Gotta Glow Right: Albatross

For the price, I say go with ELF. See picture of me wearing ELF gotta glow here.
If you can't stand glitter, then I'd have to recommend Albatross for a more subtle highlight.

Other Albatross dupes:

-MAC pigment in vanilla -> similar, but vanilla has a slight pink sheen to it as well as the white/gold.

Nars Bridal Palette Exclusive 300x250

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