Thursday, June 16, 2011

RapidLash review - my experience

For those who are curious about rapidlash here is my experience.
If you don't know what rapidlash is I have explained it in simple terms at the end of this post, just scroll down to 'about rapidlash'.

The purpose of this review is to inform those who might purchase this product that there are many risks that are not outlined or acknowledged by rapidlash.
Despite it's claims RapidLash is not FDA approved nor considered safe by the FDA. proof here.

Let me begin by telling you my eyes (as well as my skin) are extremely sensitive. I have allergic reactions to products all the time. 1 out of every 2 products I try on my face will irritate my skin. I suppose you could say I am 'hypersensitive'.

Now, what you must be wondering is 'does rapidlash work?' yes. Indeed it works. But it comes with possible side effects that are not indicated anywhere on the box or on the website.

(Above) My lashes on day 1 of rapid lash

(Above) my lashes on day 15 of rapidlash

First, I'll tell you the good. I've only used rapidlash for 15 days and I see results. My lashes are definitely longer, in better condition and a couple little 'nubs' I had from an eyelash curler accident are completely grown in now.
My lashes seem fuller, wispier and when I apply mascara they look really amazing.

Here is a comparison side by side:
(lashes curled using shiseido curler in both pictures)

It's difficult to tell the difference in the pictures because the results aren't drastic, but keep in mind rapidlash says you will start to see results after 3 weeks, and it's only been two.

Now I will proceed to explain what happened to my eyes after using rapidlash for 15 days.
The first week I had started using it my eyes were so bloodshot that people at work kept saying I 'look tired' and asking me if I was 'ok.'
I did some research and found out that this is quite common. Some said it would go away after a week or so.
I kept using it, very carefully- avoiding getting it in my eyes of course.
The redness didn't go away but got worse. I started to get red veins all around my lash line, so ugly and swollen!

The flash really wipes out the redness in my pics, but IRL they are so bloodshot, I look like a stoner :(

I again figured I must still be getting used to it and that it would go away. I just wanted to see the results so bad.
Well, the last few days I've been in constant pain-my eyes are puffy, swollen, sore, red and feel so irritated I have to use special eye drops to relieve the swelling and redness.

Two days ago I started having pain in my eyes. I don't know how to describe it but it seemed like stabbing pains sort of. They came and went and I got really freaked out.
Yesterday I decided that this stuff is not worth the pain even if it did make my lashes look amazing.
I have a 'no pain no gain' attitude to life but I realized that my eyes are just too precious to risk anything happening to them.
I took my rapidlash and my receipt right back to the store. I got my $67 CAD back, but my eyes are still recovering. They remained very red, and sore for a day after I stopped using it.
Today they feel better, but still red and slightly irritated.

About RapidLash:

What it is:

A lash enhancing product that claims to give you fuller, longer eyelashes and eyebrows. Can be used by anyone that wishes for lusher eyelashes or eyebrows, and is ideal for those suffering from hair loss due to radiation therapy or Hypotrichosis.

what rapid lash says:
'clinically proven to be safe and effective in enhancing the appearance of brittle, short, sparse, thin lashes and brows into fuller-looking lashes and brows in just weeks.'

How it works:

Marketed as a lash enhancer, RapidLash uses a chemical called isopropyl cloprostenate as an active ingredient that has been proven to stimulate hair growth.
Isopropyl cloprostenate is a molecularly similar compound to bimatoprost which is the active ingredient in Latisse. Both chemicals function in a similar way to promote longer, fuller eyelashes.
Bimatoprost is an FDA-approved drug indicated to lower intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients but it is also used for eyelash enhancement (as in Latisse).
Risks of side effects are outlined and well read by Latisse, but not for RapidLash. Although they are of the same nature of chemicals and should both have the same -if not, similar- risk factors for use.

Is it safe?

Unlike Latisse, RapidLash has not been studied for very long and clinical testing is still not conclusive of all possible risks.
A very important factor for pregnant and nursing women to consider is that prostaglandin analogs for ophthalmic use are currently classified as Pregnancy Class C. Not safe!

what rapidlash says:
'RapidLash has been ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested and found to be safe and non-irritating.'

What the FDA says:
'FDA has determined that drug products in the same class as the active ingredient in “RapidLash” cannot be used safely without the direction, or under the supervision of, a licensed medical practitioner. Despite making a claim regarding safety, your products fail to include warnings about the possible adverse affects associated with the active ingredients used in your products.'

Side effects:

Lets be real here. (RapidLash being a prostaglandin analog compound) is subject to all of the same side effects as any bimatoprost containing drug.

Here is the list of side effects for Latisse (bimatoprost solution):

The most common side effects after using LATISSE® solution are an itching sensation in the eyes and/or eye redness. This was reported in approximately 4% of patients.
other side effects include:
-Effects on Intraocular Pressure
-Iris Pigmentation
-Lid Pigmentation
-Hair Growth Outside the Treatment Area
-Intraocular Inflammation
-Macular Edema
-Contamination of Applicators
adverse reactions (less common):
ocular dryness, visual disturbance, ocular burning, foreign body sensation, eye pain,
blepharitis, cataract, superficial punctuate keratitis, eye discharge, tearing, photophobia, allergic conjunctivitis, asthenopia, increases in iris pigmentation, conjunctival edema, abnormal hair growth, iritis, infections (primarily colds and upper respiratory tract infections), headaches, and asthenia.


I want to make it clear that I am only putting this information together for those who are not as informed as I now am. I did not know any of these side effects were possible with such a 'safe' product.
Now that I do know the risks, my personal opinion is that this product should only be used under care of a professional and very carefully at that.
Watch for any side effects listed above. If you see any of them develop discontinue use and call your doctor.
However, I do know that there is a great deal of people who have used RapidLash without any negative side effects. I consider those people very lucky and would hope that they do not suffer any long term effects by using this product for extended periods of time.
Everyone has a right to do what they want with their bodies, but I just hope those using RapidLash will exercise caution and consider the risks.



Susie K said...

Thanks for the review! I have to say after 3 days of trying Rapid Lash 2 yrs ago my eyes have NEVER been the same. I tried it for 3 days, they got very blood shot and red and i stopped. It started clearing up and i tried it again, same reaction. i tossed it. But since then (2 yrs ago) it's like it activated an autoimmune reaction in my eyes, they are now severely allergic and i now have dry eye. My eyes didn't have these conditions before Rapid Lash. I'm not trying to scare you but i'm weighing with my experience. It's SO not worth it :( i hope your eyes get better!!

Lexa said...

Oh no I'm sorry to hear you had a reaction as well! Thank you for sharing.
My eyes are feeling better as the days go on but they are still a little bit bloodshot and somewhat dry :/
It just further proves that RapidLash needs a warning label or should really be pulled off the market.

Red lips, Black hair said...

Oh my goodness! Great review! That is seriously scary! I wonder how many people have been affected by it and I'm sure the company is keeping it on the DL.

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

There's a reason why Latisse is only available by prescription. I don't really think it is safe to have this product on the market, especially since it doesn't have adequate information included in the package as is required for prescription products.

Anonymous said...

What a great post. Thank you so much for your honest review and sharing with us. I'll be returning the Rapid Lash I bought (haven't yet opened the package) PRONTO!

Lexa said...

I'm so glad to be of help. I've taken some flack for pointing out the cold hard facts about this but I had to get it out in the open!
A little update:
There is a new rapidlash on the market now that does not have the same chemical ingredients. I'm unsure of the safety of this version. I believe due to safety regulations they have removed the chemical compound responsible for the lash growth -Isopropyl cloprostenate. I am not sure if this new version is 'safe'.
Personal update:
Months later, I'm still having problems with dry eye and sensitivity. I don't know if my eyes will ever fully recover from using this product.

Anonymous said...

This is a public service announcement, for sure. I appreciate and applaud you for posting it. I found your post as a result of a Google search I did after seeing a Groupon for RapidLash at half price that I was considering buying, but wanted more info. You provided plenty of info to make my choice an easy one. It is not a product that I will choose to buy. I think your review is quite even-handed and balanced, especially considering the concerning and unpleasant side effects you continue to experience, months after a short period of using the product. I sincerely hope your eyes get 100% better as more time passes. Thank you for sharing your experience and other useful background info on the product. I'm sure you have helped many people make more informed decisions about this product.

Anonymous said...

I used rapidlash for a few months, a couple of years ago, and my eyes have not recovered. Have to put in drops all the time because my eyes get so red and dry. It's embarrassing, it looks like I'm stoned or something. Been researching dry eye and going to try Theratears Nutrient. Supposedly fish oil is supposed to help eye health.

Lexa said...

I just recently had an eye check up...
Turns out I have chronic dry eye and I need to use eye drops for the rest of my life! It started when I used rapidlash. I used it for 2 weeks and now have permanent dry eyes!!!
I can't believe the feedback and similar stories to mine, I hope they take this off the market permanently.

Kristin Macri said...

Thanks for this review. I thought I might have been the only only one with this issue. I have been using this product and the first week I woke up to VERY swollen eyes. I actually looked like I punched in the face. They went down after a half hour or so but it still was terrible. Then last night I felt something really itchy in my eye and it turns out I have a sty now. (actually, I have three on my one lid.) They are very tiny and feel like grains of sand scratching my eye and lid. I'm so frustrated. I don't know what to do. I can't wait for them to go away and I really hope they take this off the market.

Lexa said...

Hi Kristin, I hope your eyes get better. Talk to your doctor ASAP.
Mine and others have not been so fortunate :(
To you and others who have this experience I recommended contacting the company and complaining, or at least taking your rapidlash product back to the store for a refund.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying Rapid Lash is the cause.......but after several months of useI am suddenly experiencing double vision in my left eye so I immediately stopped using the product.,

Hanna H said...

Oh dear wish ive read this first before buying Rapidlash, which is just an hour ago! Now im not excited to try out Rapilash for my very first time. :-(

The reason I got this product is coz I couldnt find Talika Lipocils Expert, which ived heard received several positive reviews. Btw Isopropyl-whatnot is not listed on the packaging of Rapidlash i bought here. Perhaps this is the new & improved version?

Lexa said...

anonymous, double vision could be caused by a lot of things, I would recommend seeing your doctor ASAP and stop using rapidlash.

Hanna, it seems to me you've got the new version, and I've heard it doesn't work! That's most likely because they removed the chemical that causes eyelash growth (and bad side effects.
If you choose to continue using it, please let me know your experience with it :)

Hanna H said...

Hi Lexa, thanks for your reply. I'm glad that I've read this review as this is the most comprehensive review I found on this product. My bad for buying first before reading this. =(

I may only read few bad reviews in this product, but apparently these negative reviews sound scary enough for me to take the risk. Since the one I bought claims it "can also be used for eyebrows", I decided to use this product on my brows. It's only been 2 days since I 1st tried this on.

I will definitely keep you updated with my experience one month from now. =)

Rifat said...

Oh dear :-((. Been using this product for a few days and now I'm terrified of using it any longer. Our eyes are too precious! The only side effect I had was a slight stinging sensation.

I ordered it off Amazon.. I wonder if I am entitled to a refund after 6 days use?!!

I hope all of you feel better soon! As for me, thank God u read this. I was actually googling to find out if it was a vegetarian product. Why or why didn't I check safety first?!!! Thank u so much for the info x

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your review!! I've been using a similar product which also contains isopropyl - Hairplus (Facevolution). My eyes were irritated, itchy, redness in my eyes, redness around them, red veins all around my lash line...but what is the worst - blue veins appeared under my left eye and I'm sure they were not there before! Please, did the red veins disappear after you stopped using it? Thanks for your reply!

Lexa Black said...

Hi Caroline, I am so sorry you've had problems with a product similar to this.
It's truly a shame that there are no warnings about these side effects yet they happen frequently.
In my case, I found that the red veins went away but easily come back with any eye irritation/allergies. It has made my eyes dry and more sensitive, and I think the damage is permanent.
I hope the best for you. Everyone is different.

Hanna H said...

so a month has past since I first use Rapidlash on both of my eyebrows. Apparently i dont see any obvious changes, my brows still as sparse as they were before.

Perhaps i should give it a chance for 2 months more, or until at least the product finishes. Sigh.....

Susie K said...

Hi Lexa,

i was the first to comment on how it ruined my vision and i'm back to read your comments and say my eyes STILL haven't recovered over 3 yrs later and the damage is permanent, like you i have chronic dry eye and they are PERMANENTLY sensitive to just about everything. i was so tempted to try something like Revitalash Advanced when another blogger glowingly reviewed it (with no side effects) but i'd probably have to be insane to use any other lash growth product. i am sorry to hear you have permanent problems also but now i know i am not alone

Anonymous said...

I have been using RapidLash for about 5 weeks. I found that the side effects, for me, were directly related to the amount I applied. I pull out the wand, then wipe off both sides of the brush inside on the edge of the tube. If too much product is on the brush, it will migrate into your eye. Most side effects are from misuse of the product. It is easy to get carried away with products like this, thinking that if we apply more, it will yield faster results. For instance, Imagine if there really was a product that promised us smaller chested girls larger breasts (one that really worked) in the form of a lotion used once a day. I for one would be slathering it on in large quantities, probably multiple times a day, hoping it would work that much better and that much faster. I hope I explained this in a non-confusing way. Please use RapidLash sparingly. It is for external use only. eyelid side effects are different than eyeball side effects. If you are having problems with your actual eyeball, you were definately applying too much and the RapldLash was getting in your eye. Also do not apply on/at/by your tear duct. Apply it starting at the outer eye corner and continue inward. Remember to wipe the brush first. I hope this helps all of you present and future users avoid unwanted side effects. Think of all the products we use around our eye that have glitter. If you took a makeup brush , dipped it in some loose glitter, then applied it onto your eyeball, I would not want to see the aftermath. Yet thousands of us continue to love and use glitter...why? Because we are smart enough to know that it is for the eyelid, not the eyeball. I wish people would use the same common sense with all beauty products. I really love this product now and I hope this helps. And great blog, by the way.

Lexa Black said...

Susie, I'm so sorry about this. It looks as though we are both in the same boat :/ I have pretty well the same exact symptoms as you, my eyes are extremely sensitive now, red, dry and just painful in general.
I would love to sue this company.

Lexa Black said...

Hi Hannah, Thanks for the update!!! So now we can pretty well say the new version of rapid lash does not work. They did take out the chemicals that cause the hair growth.
Now they are just getting by selling this from false advertising and their past customer base.
I'm really starting to loathe this company.

Lexa Black said...

To anonymous above:
Good advice there, but I will make it clear to you I never got rapidlash in/on my eyes or near my tear ducts.
I used the tiniest amount possible, I actually wanted to make sure I didn't waste any of it seeing how it was expensive. I only put the thinnest bit above my lashes, once per day. However, I can't speak for others using this product.
You likely have the new version which does not have the ingredient isopropyl cloprostenate. If you have the older version that does have this ingredient, good luck and I hope you don't develop any problems.

Susie K said...

Yes it would be great to sue that company, what an awful, awful experience and it is NOT because it was used incorrectly. i used it sparingly once a day only THREE days and i had that terrible, permanent reaction. i decided not to try another lash growth product, Lexa but i decide to try an enhancer called Divaderme (black fibers-very different from fiber mascara) because i am a total lash hoor and now i cannot even wear falsies because of my sensitivities from that awful Rapid Lash. i just tried it (layering some fresh mascara over the old stuff i had on today which wouldn't yield the best results but i couldn't wait til tomorrow, lol) and WOW, it lives up to all the reviews, i cannot wait to try it tomorrow on fresh mascara. Read the reviews, (oh QVC also has over 100 reviews on it) it's something you may want to try because i know you love lashes like i do, good luck and have a great New Year

Lexa Black said...

Susie, sounds like we have a lot in common! It's quite obvious I have a lash obsession.I was actually reading reviews recently for the divaderme, I will definitely pick it up sometime, after I recover from Xmas ;)
Ugh, can you imagine what would happen if we had actually got the rapidlash in our eye? I think it would probably have made us blind!
All the best in the new year Susie, take care and thank you for your valuable input.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the "new" product was out by Christmas 2012, I started using mine a few days after Christmas. Faithfully every night so it has been over 1 month now. GREAT results!! But the reason I got mine was specifically for my eyebrows ( ages ago I used to pluck my gorgeous thick brows to the tiny thin "ballerina" brows that were all the rage (yes, I'm THAT old) and there were very large areas that just would not grow back. Well I am happy to say " they're baaaaacccccck" not completely but a major improvement and the directions do say 8 weeks, it's just a few days over 4, so I'm looking forward to the results after another month, then I can get my bushy brows threaded! I have also been using it on my lashes with the same good results. Lashes have gotten longer but they ARE straight so I am going to look for the sheisedio eyelash curler. My only beef is "no instruction for eyebrows" the tiny brush is not really effective for brows so I have actually been wiping the entire wand over the skin beneath my eyebrows and have gotten excellent results. Probably the new formula (I was lucky) but I am very happy!

Anonymous said...

thank you for your honest and informative review, i was planning on buying rapidlash but it seems like the new version doesnt work that well and the side effects are not worth it, just to see a tiny difference if any at all. Im going to wait for a safer product, the eyes are too important to mess with and im not taking a chance that something like that can happen to me. I think your comments helped alot of ppl and i hope your eyes will improve over time. Are there any products out there besides latisse or lash extentions that are safe and effective?

nevadacowgirl said...

Great info! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lexa!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

Are you still having the redness and irritation?

I tried this product before reading your review and wonder if the redness will ever go away.

Thank you!

Lexa Black said...

Hi to both anonymous posts above;
To #1:
I will tell you that I have been using physicians formula 2 in 1 lash boosting eyeliner, and after about 4 weeks I am seeing a difference! Lashes look fuller and a bit longer. Nothing dramatic, but not too bad for $12 and no irritation.
To #2:
Yes I still have irritation and redness...most of it due to allergic reactions and dry eye. I have to use lid scrubs every night to get every last bit of mascara off my eyes and then put in eye drops several times daily. This helps but my eyes never made a full recovery :(

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know that Rapid Lash is the cause of my eye irritation. I just started only a week ago and I can't even wear my contacts now because I thought I had an eye infection, which has only happened once in the fifteen years I've worn contacts. My eyes are not sensitive and I'm also getting the red, puffy, irritated eye lids. I'm done with this product! Sad that it only took a week!

Anonymous said...

I started to use this product just before Christmas and within appx. 6 weeks I started to experience very bad headaches in the morning which carried on through the day. Not sure what was causing them I went to the doctor but couldn't find out what the problem was. I decided to stop using the serum and the headaches cleared up eventually. Has anybody experienced anything like this?

Susie K said...

Lexa, it's me Susie again. I've shared my experiences a couple times and kind of kept in touch and it sounds like we've both had CONTINUING and permanent problems. And it seems kind of to flare with no apparent triggers. i know that i have to stick to a certain face wash to take my eye makeup off or i'll be irritated but i started taking Evening Primrose Oil (or you can try Borage) for my hair loss problems and it is the first supplement ever to have taken irritation and dry eye to ALMOST normal. You have to give it a month or so and stay on it and take at least the recommended dosage but it's something you should try, i truly hope it helps you! Also i think i'll try the Physicians Formula you mentioned although i'm kind of scared!

Olivia said...

I lost some lashes on my left eye probably due to chemo. About five weeks ago, I started using Rapid Lash on my left eye. Last night my left felt so irritated that it woke me up. I didn't use the product today and it still feels bad. If it doesn't go away in a few days I will be forced to call my doctor. I'm scared this crap is permanent and praying to God it isn't. I wish I had the money to sue this company. All of us having irritated eyes can't be a coincedence.


Olivia said...


I got in with my eye doctor today. He examined me and concluded that my oil glands are blocked and prescibed some eye drops that cost 50 bucks. He also told me to put warm compresses on them for five minuites using uncooked rice in socks. You need to put them in microwave for thirty seconds. Once warmed puton your eyes for 5 minuite. Then wipe the lids with pads called Occu soft. I got those at wall mart. He said this would losen the blockage and the pads will clean whatever is blocking it. He said it could have been contributed by Rapid Lash or not. But he doesn't think my problem is permanent. Thank the Lord! Hope this helps you and other people

Lexa Black said...

Hi Susie! I'm so glad you have found relief with the omegas! I have used them on and off for years, I really need to start taking them regularly again - maybe it will help! I have been making some lifestyle changes and I'm happy to say my eyes got a bit better. I am eating a lot more 'healthy' fats and drinking apple cider vinegar daily. I feel healthier overall, I still have dry eyes but not as bad.
Olivia - I'm really hoping your eyes make a full recovery! I use lid scrub every night to make sure all my makeup is out of my eyes and unclog any eye ducts and it does help. Thanks for your input.

Anybody interested, I am working on an updated post about rapidlash. I need to get some more solid info first but I will be posting soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm late coming to this conversation obviously. I initially did a Google search on side effects for a similar product called Eyenvy, but couldn't find anything so did another search on Rapid Lash (which I've used before), and stumbled on this.

The only side effects I had with Rapid Lash were the irritation on my lids and a slight bit of redness some days. I stopped using it because I wasn't giving me as dramatic results as I'd hoped (it worked, but only slightly).. and also because my sister introduced me to this other product, Eyenvy, which worked wonders on her. I've been using Eyenvy for quite awhile, and yes it works amazingly well for growing eyelashes.

HOWEVER.. I think it's time to stop now, as I've suffered too many side effects that are quite concerning and it's just NOT worth damaging my eyes. I have had the same issues as you've described with Rapid Lash.. burning, itching, constant redness, chronic dry eyes, and for the past few days now, I've been getting a stabbing sort of "pressure" pain in my right eye that comes and goes. I know this blog is specifcially concerning Rapid Lash, but I have to assume Eyenvy is almost the same product (all these eyelash serums are similar).

I have an appt. with my optometrist this week so maybe he can give me some insight on whether this product is to blame for my problems.

Thank you for the review and all the subsequent comments, it has helped me a lot.

Anonymous said...

I have used Rapid Lash for only three days now and am experiencing dry eyes. After reading this blog, I hope to God it's not permanent. I will never use Rapid Lash again.

cececostanzo said...

I can tell you 100% that my eyes are sore from rapid Lash.. Right where you would put your top eyeliner, gets red and sore, as if im about to get a stye. Ive stopped using it.. It worked awesome so it was hard to stop using. Also, the picture shows that it goes on your skin, where your lashes grow from but then it SAYS Do NOT get on the skin? So Im still not even sure if it was supposed to go on the skin or just the lashes as close to the skin as possible without touching the skin. I mostly put it on the lashes, close to the skin BUT I did notice when I got it on my skin, it would be sore and red.

Betsy said...

I am so sorry for all the sufferers, I am one too. It's awful and I have empathy for you all as my eyes are always miserable and I haven't been able to wear contacts as a result, nor am I a LASIK candidate anymore.

Does anyone know if the ingredient myristoyl pentapeptide is OK to use? I don't know if it too is a hormone. Seems like it's the active ingredient that causes lashes to grow that is our problem right? Although I can say too that anything with BAK (Benzalkonium chloride)as the preservative, it's best to stay away from. It's the cheapest preservative and I know people whose chronic dry eyes developed as a result of using it.

Angel Rodriguez said...

I just purchased some of this after reading all of the great reviews on Amazon. I thought it would be perfect to boost the confidence of my 13 y/o daughter, who pulls her eyebrows and eyelashes out due to anxiety. After reading this I logged back onto Amazon and cancelled my order. My daughter is a strawberry blonde. So she has very sensitive, porcelain like skin. I just can't take the chance of making things worse for her. Thank you for your honest review, and to everyone else for the honest comments. It helped me!

Angel Rodriguez said...

I just purchased some of this after reading all of the great reviews on Amazon. I thought it would be perfect to boost the confidence of my 13 y/o daughter, who pulls her eyebrows and eyelashes out due to anxiety. After reading this I logged back onto Amazon and cancelled my order. My daughter is a strawberry blonde. So she has very sensitive, porcelain like skin. I just can't take the chance of making things worse for her. Thank you for your honest review, and to everyone else for the honest comments. It helped me!

Elena said...

Well, I just dodged that bullet. Phew! I was just about to purchase it off Hautelook when I decided to look up its cruelty-free status and stumbled upon your article.

Thank the Goddess I did! I'm already using a lash growth serum with no side effects, but that's going to run out in a month or so, so I was looking around for another one. I'll be sticking with my current one now. :)

Annabelle Walsh said...

I have just tried RapidLash for the first time ever tonight, and stupidly enough I didn't research it before putting it on. It was a product my mom gave me and reading through all these comments, I'm beginning to feel a bit nervous. I will never use the product again, but do you think even after one use, I could be severely affected?

Lexa Black said...

I cannot believe the amount of feedback received from this post, still going strong! I'm very happy that I have helped any of you at all, and prevented any (sometimes permanent) side effects!
For me, unfortunately, I still suffer from dry and red eyes from using this product.
Annabelle - no I do not think that you will have any permanent side effects from using this product once. I am not a professional so I can't be completely sure but my advice is if you have absolutely any uncomfortable unordinary side effect stop using it immediately, wash the product off and if it doesn't go away go to the doctor ASAP.

Lexa Black said...

Also wanted to mention to anyone interested in a lash growth/conditioner that works without any risk of permanent damage : Physicians formula 2 in 1 lash boosting liner. I've been using it for about a year and my lashes have doubled in thickness, I used to have one row of lashes - I have 2 now (3 in some areas!) also helps to keep lashes long and I don't lose as many when taking off mascara.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lexa for your review. I only wish i saw it sooner. I've been using Rapid Lash on and off for about 3 years. The first time i used it, absolutely, no doubt there was a big difference in about 3 weeks to my lashes. Longer and fuller looking. It was pretty satisfying as i have very thin lashes where normally i have to apply 10 layers of mascara to get a decent look to them.

I have always had 20/20 vision. I was complaining to my friends recently how i need reading glasses and that my eyes have been doing weird things since after using Rapid Lash and my friends tell me i'm getting old (not that old but in my mid 40's) but i know in my heart things started getting weird with my eyes after using Rapid Lash. Stinging and blurry sore eyes. Almost like a film or layer developed over my eyeball and if i rubbed it, it felt like glass in my eyes. I never had any issues before using Rapid Lash...never. I have two containers left and i should take them back. It is criminal to sell a product that can enduce harm to people and to even allow this product on the shelves without some notation of it being FDA approved is even more criminal. Everyone is in it for the money. Through some quick surfing on the web, I see there is a letter issued by Public Health Service Food and Drug Administration to Lifetech that manufactures RapidLash (and other similar products) that "claim" they are safe, but actually violate provisions of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act). I hope whoever is behind this products gets what's coming to them and really good!!!!! I will be letting everyone i know never to use this product and i know a lot of people!!!!! Thanks again for sharing.

Pat McG said...

I have tossed my RapidLash! What I thought was a hair in my eye was so irritating that I went to see my eye doctor. He found "debris" under my eyelid which scratched my cornea and I am quite sure it was from the RapidLash I applied the previous night. I now know why Latisse is by prescription only!

heidi howell said...

I loved Rapidlash when I got the first tube in 2012, but since they have taken out Isoproryl Cloprostenate it does not work!!! If it's so dangerous, why does Latisse have it, so they can charge more probably!!!

Gayle H said...

This was a very good informative review on this product! I had used this product for over a year and have been lucky in that it did increase my eyelash length and volume, and didn't cause any reaction in my eyes. However, it often made me itchy where applied along the base of my eyelashes. I ran out of it now, and based on this new information I will not replace it.

karazygurl said...

Your original post maybe a little dated, nonetheless, very informative. I just saw a sale at CVS for Rapidlash and sought out reviews before buying and using. Came across your review and have to say thank you, will not buy. I wear contacts on a daily basis, and I don't want to take a chance on possibly damaging what vision I have already. Again, thank you very much!!

Susie K said...

Lexa, it's Susie again :) I am seriously considering Careprost (generic Latisse) but want your weigh in, i haven't heard the S/E's on it like i heard about RapidLash. Are you still using the PF lash boosting liner? i want something that really gives results.. or maybe i should just try to permanently kill that dream!?

Lexa Black said...

Hi Susie hows it going?
Yes I am still using the PF lash boosting liner, I'm addicted to it because its so good and it really seems to help my lashes to stay fuller and strong.
I have also thought about trying careprost, but the active ingredient is Bimatoprost which has all those possible side effects. I can't comment personally about it since I've never tried it - but if you do decide to maybe just test on one eye for a cpl of days to make sure you don't get any bad reaction.
lol never give up the dream! If you haven't yet go get some PF liner to get your lashes fuller! (I saw results within a few weeks). And if you do try careprost, let me know how it goes because I'm very interested in it as well.
Another thing, have you heard of younique moodstruck fiber lash mascara? I want to try it, looks so great! This is one of my fave. bloggers reviews:

Susie K said...

I'll look at those links you posted, thank you!

Uhhhh i actually am trying Careprost, can't believe i did that but yes as you said..."the dream" lol. And...NO real irritation. My eyes feel normally irritated (well, i have dry eye and i wear glitter and eye makeup, etc. so one can expect some of that) but nothing out of the ordinary and today it will a week. I think the trick is to use it like they say in the reviews on MUA...get a tiny brush and only use maybe one drop and don't apply too much. SO EXCITED! The lashes even get darker and curlier as time goes on. If you decide to try it i wish you all the best, Lexa. The Rapid Lash caused me SERIOUS irritation within 3 days and my entire eyeball was red, Careprost is NOTHING like that but of course, YMMV with everything! :)

Lexa Black said...

Wow that is exciting! And it's great to know because it means it was probably something in the rapidlash formula that gave the reaction, not the Bimatoprost itself. I'm so glad it's working out for you :)
Hopefully you will get those fake lashes we have been dreaming of, and maybe I will try it eventually as well.

Jill Roberts said...

I used Rapid lash in the past, during a time when I was told I had developed chronic dry eye, but in only one eye, which is very uncommon, and no eye treatment worked. So i figured I didn't really have dry eye. FINALLY, I was recommended to see an Opthamalogical plastic surgeon to see if I had a blocked tear duct, which it turned out I did. It was just the upper duct of the left eye! What a coincidence!!! So he irrigated on two separate occasions, prescribed me some temporary drops and all is well now!

Susie K said...

Lexa, just a follow up, it's now been 4 weeks and no irritation at all, there was some very very minor irritation in the beginning which is kind of to be expected but absolutely NOTHING compared to Rapid Lash--i had to go to the eye doctor after using that crap but Careprost is seemingly working and i do see lash growth just 4 weeks into it, my outer lashes were almost non existent (aging) and now they're growing. I cannot believe maybe i will finally have the lashes i've dreamed of. Obviously you are aware that YMMV with any product but just wanted to let you know what's going on :)

Melissa Smith said...

I'm two years late lol but I just read this this morning... couldn't read ALL the comments but it sort of shocked me how much people had a bad experience with it... it cost me 70$ w/ taxes as well (what a waste of money lol). I have sensitives eyes as well (not as sensitive as yours, tho) and for me, it has been working pretty well. No irritation, no nothing, just lash growth. But your article convinced me to never buy a second tube of this because as I may not have problems NOW, I fear having problems with my eyes with i believe diserve good health. I heard olive oil and ricin oil were nice for the lashes, that might be an option (already tried w/ vaseline but apparently it can clog the tearduct). Great article, I didn't tought the product was that unsafe :)

Anonymous said...

Been using this produce scarcely for the past few weeks and I haven't even used it for a few days.. But this morning I kept getting blurry vision in my right eye. Looked up the cause, and I now have dry eye.. Never had it before. Really hope I don't get chronic dry eye from this stupid product. Maybe we should organize a class action lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can organize a class action lawsuit. I got dry eye (The kind where your vision is blurred as a result) for the first time this morning after using rapid lash a handful of times...

Char said...

I'm really glad I have found this post as I have been searching for answers for a while now!

I began during rapid lash late last year and noticed amazing results within 2 weeks! My eyelashes became extremely long within 6 weeks of using it.

On the 7th week I started getting really sore eyes in the morning to the stage where I was unable to open them straight away. From then on every morning I experienced the same thing and when I eventually opened my eyes they were incredibly raw and swollen!

I decided it was time to visit the dr. He said it was a possible eye infection from my 2 little boys having conjunctivitis, however the infection in my eye seems to be lingering and not going away. The dr prescribed me some eye drops and hoped it would solve the problem.

I stopped using rapid lash following this as I felt it wouldn't be great using the eye drops as well as the enhancer. My eyelashes went straight back to being short 2 days after I stopping using it.

Because I thought the eye problems were due to an eye infection, I stupidly decided it was time to buy another rapid lash product. Although this time when it arrived the ingredient was not the same, this time instead of hexatein 1 complex, it was called promaxyl.

I began using this new product and after 2 weeks I still did not see any results and if anything I found my eyelashes were falling out more frequently and seemed uneven in size!

Within a few days the symptoms previously had, started again! But this time they were a lot worse !!! I now have a white bump mark on my cornea very near my iris with I am having to go to the ophthalmologist for further investigation! The blot shot red eyes are re accruing and my eyes water and sting a lot!!

If you read this blog please please stop using rapid lash !! Although your eyelashes may be ok for now and look beautiful. Further down the line you nay experience similar problems and it could lead to something more permanent ! Vision is far too important !!

Lexa Black said...

Hi Char, thank you for sharing your experience! I sincerely hope that your eye issues clear up for you!
I would absolutely recommend filing some sort of complaint to rapidlash and report your side effects to the FDA. What you are describing sounds much more serious than what I've encountered, I wish you the best - good luck :)

Lexa Black said...

Susie - if you see this by chance, how have your eyes been doing? Are you still using careprost?
Hope things are well:)

Debra Roberts said...

Lexa, I am seeing so many woman who have had serious eye issues after RapidLash use. I am another, I wrote on your blog last year when I found out how badly my Cornea's were infected, I almost lost my right eye! I am losing my vision, which was worse in my right eye but now my left eye is just as bad, I also have blurry vision, all caused from Rapidlash, I go to see my third eye specialist in June, I am praying I do not lose my vision all together! I really need to talk to these woman that are writing in, do you think you could forward my email address to them? I thank you so much for keeping this blog going, I only wish I looked before I used Rapidlash! I bought it at Costco last May, I also never needed glasses before this, I had perfect vision. Please let me know if you can allow these ladies to email me, I need to start talking with others that are in my shoes. Thanks again Lexa.

Lexa Black said...

Hi Debra, I'm so sorry you've been negatively affected by rapidlash as well.
It's unbelievable how many people have come forward.
I really hope that you make a complaint or even take legal action against the company if your condition is severe.
Feel free to leave your email in the comment area, the best I can do is share it on my facebook page.

Debra Roberts said...

Lexa, thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly, you are doing an amazing thing with your blog, by allowing us to see we are not alone in the damage that Rapidlash is causing to our eyes, whatever the amount of damage, whether it be minor or severe, our vision is to precious to lose in any capacity. I am asking all of the ladies on Lexa's blog to please contact me via my email address, which Lexa so kindly is allowing me to post, we need to ban together and get our complaints in to the FDA and have this product pulled from the shelves. My name is Debra, please send me an email.
Email Address:

Debra Roberts said...

Lexa, thank you for getting back to me, I really need to be able to talk to these other women with similar problems as me caused from rapidlash, Here is my personal email address for people to contact me regarding only injuries caused from Rapidlash, thank you so much.

Debra Roberts said...

Lexa, I have left my email address twice but don't see it on the comments section of your blog, are they coming through to you?

Lexa Black said...

Sorry about that Debra, I have to moderate comments since I get a load of spam messages. All your comments should now be visible :)

Debra Roberts said...

Thank you so much Lexa :)