Thursday, December 8, 2011

MAC surf baby blushette in bound for love, photos and swatches

I have something special to show you, something that was only released in a very limited quantity!
MAC blushettes were part of the surf baby collection released back in May 2011. I believe these were only available in certain countries.

I found this baby at Winners (Canadian TJ MAXX) over the past weekend.
I tried to search for some info on them, and found nothing. In fact, a very popular beauty blogger even commented that 'Blushettes never went into production'.

Well, I'm here to show you that they did go into production, because I have swatches and photos of it :)

Blushettes are packaged in little twist up tubes, with the same striped floral design that is all over the other surf baby products.
Bound for love is a lovely light cool pink shade, with subtle pearl iridescence. It looks so dewy and glowy on, I can't get enough of it.
The other color released is 'Barbara Ann' and it is a bright coral orange. I didn't get that one because it didn't look like it would suit me.

Swatches of Bound for love:

This goes on very sheer. I used about 3 swipes in these swatches. The light reflecting particles make such a nice finish on the skin.

Wearing bound for love on my cheeks:

This little blush is my new best friend. It adds a subtle wash of color and a little bit of glow.
I don't usually go for cream blush, but I think I might try more from now on.
The lasting power is pretty good, for me it stays on all day.

Has anyone else seen these before?
Any recommendations for more cream blush for me to try out?


Robyn said...

Wow, did they have more? You should have swiped them all. Cute little thing and lovely colour!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just wondered what the eyeshadow(s) were you used in this photo? They are so beautiful!
Sara :-) xx

Lexa said...

Hi Robyn - yes I did swipe the other blushette color but it was really orange :p

Sara - thank you! I used MAC rubenesque paint pot and a L'oreal studio secrets quad called coral treasures.

Sari said...

That color is lovely, it looks gorgeous on you! Awesome find :)

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Neat! I didn't know they released any of these, that is really cool that you found them!

Jilliterate said...

Yes, I found these at Winners a few weeks ago a well! I left Barbara Ann, because the Winners customers had apparently smudged their gummy fingers into all of them, but I snagged for Bound For Love. Finally, this is the first site I've found to mention these blushettes -- maybe they fell off the back of the magical mystery MAC truck?

Lexa said...

Hi Jilliterate :)
Indeed I find that same problem when I go to winners - everyone has to open everything and touch it :(
LOL magical MAC truck, that is truly amazing :) I hope there is more secret things to find around!
I am using this blushette a lot lately, I really like it.

Rebecca said...

Hi Lexa,

Love the colour on you, very dewy and glowy. :) Can I ask how you apply it? Directly on to your cheeks or with your fingers?


Lexa said...

Hi Rebecca :)
Thank you!
I just swipe it directly onto my cheeks, sort of in a stripe - then I blend it in with my fingers. It's so natural looking it's pretty well fool proof!