Friday, December 2, 2011

NOTD: playing with flakies and duo chrome polishes

I did this NOTD a while ago, and it is one of my favorites ever.
I was bored, and I decided to try layering a few different polishes, to achieve a really cool finish.
I used a duo chrome base, added flakies and then added a sheer multi chrome glitter on top.

Here is what I used:

- 2 coats Rimmel night before (deep violet blue with slight gold/pink duo chrome)
- 1 coat Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (rainbow flakies)
- 1 coat Nicole OPI count on me (iridescent pink/gold/blue/purple multi chrome)

The result:

check out the gold/green flakies in this light:

The Nicole polish brought out the red and blue flakes in Hidden Treasure:

This combo was awesome to look at. I had it on for at least a week.
I got lots of compliments too.

I plan to play around more with layering polishes, especially flakies. They take on a whole new look when you put a sheer polish over them.

What do you think? Any ideas for layering?

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