Sunday, September 19, 2010

Maybelline the falsies review

side view of the wand

Maybelline's 'false lash effect' mascara has been receiving a lot of hype. Once I got past the awkward as hell brush, I found that it's a really nice mascara!

frontal view of the wand

The wand is just annoying at first. Extremely odd, curved and thin but wide and flat all at the same time. I tried multiple ways of using it to apply, and it was quite easy to get some nice lashes going no matter what.
The mascara itself is on the wet side, and I found that it worked best after a couple weeks when it had slightly dried out.

used 4 coats here...starting to look a bit clumpy : /

I can't say that I got a full-on false lash look with this, but, I did achieve very dramatic volume and some good length. Not bad for a drug-store mascara!
With several coats you can definitely build up the intensity, but it will start to look unattractively clumpy.
The great thing about this mascara is that it didn't flake, smudge or anything all day. I was pleasantly surprised.

repurchase? maybe.

rating: 4/5

price: $8.99 CAD

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