Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lexa's beauty secret # 1

During the past 11 years as a beauty junkie, I have picked up some tips and 'secrets' along the way from friends, models, makeup artists and fellow cosmeticians.

I have decided to share my secrets in my blog, in hopes that I can help anyone who really wants to know all the little tricks of the trade.

Here is my beauty secret # 1 :

To get your lashes to look as long and bold as possible, follow these steps:
  • Start at the root of the lashes with the mascara wand, and sweep upwards a few times. Do both eyes.
  • Wait a few seconds to let it set
  • Then, once the mascara is kinda 'tacky' and not completely dry, do another coat, starting at the base of your lashes again, but this time when you get to the top of your lashes - hold the wand upwards on the tips for a few seconds. This will add a little extra length and lift! It also helps to separate the lashes for a fuller effect.
Go from this:

to this!

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