Saturday, September 18, 2010

NARS Eurydice eyeshadow duo photos & swatches

Photo of Orpheus and Eurydice, a tragic love story in greek mythology - read it here.

Ok so I thought I had it bad for Sugarland duo, but once I set eyes on swatches of Eurydice I knew it was meant to be mine. Let me tell you, I am not disappointed! This is a gorgeous duo, if I had to wear one eyeshadow combo for the rest of my life, this would be it!
Just look at the blue sheen that the 'aubergine' side gives off - simply stunning! Nars describes this as 'electric Aubergine / Graphite' but I have to say this is more complicated than that. The Aubergine is infused with a flash of intense violet blue shimmer, and it doesn't really show up until the light catches it in a certain way (see above pic)... And well the 'graphite' has to be the most stunning metallic carbon Grey I own, and it is infused with a light dusting of golden shimmer.
Swatched dry:

Swatched wet - wow!

The best part? It makes green eyes POP!

NARS Cosmetics

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