Monday, September 27, 2010

Clinique high definition lashes brush then comb mascara review

My first thought when I looked at the 'brush then comb' wand was 'maybe I should have picked a different mascara!'. Similar to MAC plush lash (see my review here) the wand is a hybrid with one regular brush side and the other side a lash comb. Not just any lash comb, but a big one, with little jagged teeth, kinda like a piranha!

Beware the comb is sharp!

The brush side delivers natural looking definition, without any clumps. Not anything special. But once you use the comb and stroke it through (which can be difficult to master!) the end result is pretty nice. The comb really defines each lash, adds on some length and packs a punch of volume. I find it also gives my lashes a nice lift.

Overall, I really like the end result I get with this mascara. Long, separated and almost fake-looking! What I really don't like is the time it takes to apply. You must be very careful with the wand, so you don't poke your eye (I've done it a few times) and it takes a while to build up a dramatic effect.
I like the concept but really *thumbs down* for the cruel brush.
Price: $18 CAD
My rating: 3 /5

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