Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Luna Twilight Lullaby just bitten lip staining balm photos and swatches

I'm not the biggest fan of Twilight, and this line of Luna Twilight makeup by Duwop never really appealed to me. I found this lip staining balm on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart, and when I saw it was a cute peachy pink color I just couldn't resist it.

To be honest I love the packaging! It's sleek and chic with the blackened transparent case, and the tree design on it just looks gorgeous.

Lullaby is very sheer, but can be layered for a more intense color. It's a great mix of peach coral and pink that really brightens up my face.

Swatch of Lullaby:

I don't find that this stays on very long, although it is marketed as 'lip staining'. To me it seems more like a tinted lip balm more than anything else.
There is no way I'd pay $20 CAD for this but I would by another one if it were on sale.

Have you tried any Luna Twilight products? Did you like them?

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