Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stila Kajal eyeliner in onyx review

I thought I'd do a little review on Stila kajal, after trying it I was a bit stumped. I loved it and I hated it!

Why I loved it: This eyeliner is one of the blackest tarriest onyx pitch-blacks I've ever come across. The other being Hashmi kajal. It's extremely deep and rich in pigment.
Swatch of Stila onyx kajal:

Wearing onyx on my waterline:

It's so rich and densely black!

Here is a comparison of Stila onyx kajal and Urban Decay zero 24/7 liner, which I usually wear:

Sorry the photo is somewhat blurry, but you can really see a difference IRL. It makes zero look so dull and grey!

Why I hate it: The texture of the kajal is so soft, it literally melts when I try to use it. I don't keep it near heat or anything, it's just soft as clay and it melts when it comes into contact with my body heat.
This is usually a good thing for lining the waterline, but this is just too soft.
It smears and smudges and gets all over the place. It ends up on my fingers, clothes and random other places after I use it.
It melts from my waterline down under my eyes within a few hours.
It is a total and utter MESS to clean up, and try to remove. It's so 'smeary' that it sticks to everything. Even after doing my usual makeup remover techniques and then further - using a q-tip to completely remove it from my waterline - it manages to stick to my upper and lower eyelids until I wipe it off with baby oil. It's just a pain!

I found it a bit wasteful because every single time I use it I have to sharpen it because it melts so much.

I don't know if all Stila Kajals are like this, or if I'm just warm so I melt it a lot - but this is just a waste of money to me. I love the rich pigment but it's not worth the fuss, and I just hate when my eyeliner smears on me, especially at work.
I'd rather have something that stays put and has rich pigment. This eyeliner is just not worth the price.

Repurchase? No, I'm going to stick with Urban Decay 24/7 liners!

Price: $24 CAD / $18 USD

Rating: 2.5/5


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Interesting! It's too bad that it is so melty....that would really not work on my oily skin/lids, it would end up all over the place! It is a really nice, deep, black though.

Vintage Makeup said...

Great review! It's too bad about this, because I've always heard good things about their liners. :) I love Stila shadows!!

Lexa said...

I know :( I was hoping this would be really great. I love Stila eyeshadows too!!! They are amazing.