Friday, October 1, 2010

My little MAC Venomous villains haul, photos and thoughts

I was so shocked the most popular thing from the Venomous Villains collection was the nail polish! I mean they are really neat, and pretty, but wow just so, so much hype.

Practically everything from VV is now sold out online, (I think all of the Maleficent stuff is) so I had to bust it over to another city today where they have a MAC counter. The only thing they had sold out of there was Magically Cool Liquid Powder in truth and light as well as mean and green nail polish.

I have to say that sweet revenge lipglass is a pretty close dupe to sweet strawberry lipglass from hello kitty. I didn't bother getting it since I already have sweet strawberry. So - if you missed out on sweet strawberry, you might want to pick up sweet revenge.

I got 3 items from the Maleficent line. She's from sleeping beauty, and I always thought she was the most bad ass Disney character there is.
I got She who dares mineralized eyeshadow duo, Briar rose beauty powder, wrong spell lipglass and I also got the last Aristo-cat lipstick they had! (From the fabulous felines collection).

Briar rose beauty powder - I love this! see more photos and swatches here
She who dares eyeshadow - AMAZING! See more photos and swatches here!

Wrong Spell lipglass - see more photos and swatches here

Aristo-cat lipstick, absolutely gorgeous See more photos & swatches here

Other than the Maleficent line - I'm not too impressed with the VV collection overall. I didn't even look at the Cruella De vil or Evil queen products as I can spot dupes for practically all the colors. Boring and tacky too...*dodges flames*.
I thought that the magically cool powder was a joke. I read reviews about how neat it feels and looks, um what? I played with the cajun powder and I was thinking 'why is this $40?' seemed like a regular finely milled loose powder to me. When I swatched it on my hand it still looked like a regular loose powder. So whats the big deal?
And where is this Dr. Facilier guy from anyways? My husband said 'is that some pirate pimp guy'? LOL I don't know why MAC picked that dude.
The nail polishes are neat, but there are dupes for the colors out there, the new Orly cosmic FX collection for September is similar to these and they are cheaper.
I don't mean to sound cynical I am just stating my opinion.
Was anyone else not so blown away by this collection? What are your thoughts?

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