Monday, March 14, 2011

Maybelline dream smooth mousse foundation review

I recently ran out of my usual foundation, L'oreal true match in shade N1. I felt like trying something new and I saw the Maybelline dream mousse foundations were on sale for $8.47 CAD, which is dirt cheap considering most drugstore foundations are $15 and up here.
The packaging is alright. The compact opens to reveal the sponge, and then you twist the bottom to get to the foundation.
Color matching:
Hey Maybelline, guess what? not all pale girls have pink undertones!!!
I've tried a few other Maybelline foundations (dream liquid mousse, dream matte mousse) and all of them including this were too dark and pink toned for my neutral skin.
Dream smooth did blend very nicely into my skin, but up close and in natural light you can tell this does not completely match. It's a shade or so too deep, and the tone is warm pink. This is the usual for drugstore foundations, with the exception of L'oreal true match.

I found this to be light to medium in coverage. I used two layers to get my skin completely even looking and smooth. It covered redness, scars and any small blemishes. I was quite happy with the result, my skin looked flawless.

This stuff stayed put all day. About 8 hours. Then it would get a little greasy looking and start wearing off slowly. Not too bad considering I didn't use any powder or primer with it.

Before and after :
Overall, I liked this foundation even though the color was a little off. After 3 days of wearing it I started developing small bumps on my t-zone, and realized that this was clogging my pores. I had the exact same problem with dream liquid mousse, and it's happened with many other foundations as well.
This is definitely not for me. It would be excellent for someone with dry resistant skin, that does not break out or react to skin products easily.

Repurchase? No

Price: $11.99 CAD

Rating: 3/5


Anonymous said...

"sol" - I used to avoid any kind of foundation for years as my skin was so sensitive that every foundation caused allergic break outs and red stamps all over my face. however, 3-4 months ago I tried revlon colorstay foundation for oily/normal skin in nuance ivory beige and I can not believe that my skin finally did not react and that this foundation do not clog my pores although I am wearing it almost every day at least during working hours.

Lexa said...

Hi Sol, I've recently tried
Revlon colorstay as well, I really like it! The only thing I find is that it's hard to remove, even with oil.

Anonymous said...

(sol) - hi, lexxa, I remove it very easy with clinique facial no soap bar "mild". I also can swear that "colorstay" healed an allergy which occurred on my skin recently because I was in a "mood" to try another cream then my daily usuals (avene and baby cream)...

Lexa said...

Ah Sol, that is great thanks for the tip. Yes I think colorstay is a nice formula, that's pretty amazing it helped your skin!