Sunday, March 6, 2011

NARS gipsy lipstick photos and swatches

I have a hard time finding flattering red lipsticks. I think that any skin tone can wear red, but they need to choose the right shade. Finding one that suits paler than pale skin is not easy.

NARS gipsy is quite a nice red toned color that isn't overly brown blue or orange. It's pretty neutral. It is not overpowering or bright, but rather somewhat sheer. It can be built up to a brighter red, or sheered out to a light red stain.
I think it would suit any skintone.

It just adds a subtle reddish tint to my lips. It's quite pretty and lady-like.

Whats your favorite red lipstick?


Anonymous said...

it's me again (mascara fun) - actually, I have found your blog searching for reviews for NARS Tzigane lipstick - I am wondering now is Gypsy the same or not? Unfortunately, I have no chance to buy it in shops in my country and therefore I must be sure that NARS Tzigane is really what I need - and I need a lipstick which is warm, in some color mixture of gentle peach and brandy but not too much pigmented - and first of all that it is moisturizing like lip balm... that is has just a hint of color which boosts the most beautiful natural color of the lips for warm, but very fair complexion

Lexa said...

Hey again :) It's funny I was looking for something similar! I think tzigane looks gorgeous, but I think maybe a little warm for fair skin tone? I don't own it, but I've been looking at swatches. I'd have to recommend NARS pigalle to you, it is just the most gorgeous color. Perfect for pale skin, really makes your lips just look gorgeous. I ran out of mine and haven't repurchased yet, I'll try to get some swatches at some point!

Anonymous said...

I have very weird lipcolor - my skin is fair but warm, my eyes are hazel, but my lips are almost white with some pink-blue shine which is completely in "disorder" with the rest of my face. every time I put something brown or peachy on my lips (not to mention something pink, ha, ha) it turns into pink-blue in few seconds,. therefore I need something which is more warm, but not too tinted...