Friday, March 18, 2011

Clarins Cotton Flower face palette photos and swatches

Clarins cotton flower palette was released for spring 2010. I found this little beauty recently at Winners, which is a Canadian partner of TJ Maxx. They often get Clarins items in, lot's of limited edition products and even some of the permanent line. It's a great way to try out Clarins without spending a fortune.
The palette is so pretty to look at, adorned with white shimmery cotton flowers. The powder itself is flesh toned, with very fine shimmer. Mixed together they create a very natural looking beige highlight. It almost blends in with my skin, but it's got a very slight peachy tone to it.

Swatches :

Here I am wearing it on my cheekbone, even though I put a lot on it is still a very minimal 'glow' effect.

This is a great option for more mature ladies that just want a touch of luminescence. Personally I like a little more shimmer in my highlighters.
It also works alright an all over face powder, but on my skin it looked a bit too warm. I love face powders with a little shimmer in them. I can't find any good ones now that my favorite sally hansen corn silk illuminating powder (HG for 4 years!) has been discontinued :/

Do you like illuminating powders? What is your favorite kind?


Anonymous said...

"sol" - I love to see illuminating powder on others but not on me, I am afraid that I look to oily and that every pore is more visible. this one you have is very good as I can see - not to mention the packaging wich I like very, very much - I must confess that I just love nice packaging and that sometimes I choose products according to this criteria which is not so good:-)

Lexa said...

Hi Sol, indeed I am guilty of buying products with pretty packaging as well. I am so drawn to them I just can't resist!

Red lips, Black hair said...

OoooOoooOoo! Love the effect! Your cheek looks so glowy.

Susie K said...

Mine is Coty - Airspun Fragrance Free Luminous Translucent Loose Powder