Thursday, March 17, 2011

MAC chilled on ice paint pot photos and swatches

I got another paint pot from MAC's cham pale collection, chilled on ice. It was a while ago actually. Anyways, I wanted to share it's glittery goodness with you since a lot of online swatches make it look shimmery - which is what I thought it would be; But it's chock-full of glitter!

It's got a really neat cool silvery undertone to it and it just looks awesome in different lights. The only thing is that you *really* need to layer it on in order to see that effect.
2 layers:
3 layers:
4 layers: you can really see the cool undertone here, and the glitter!
This is what 3 layers looks like on my eye:
This paint pot disappoints me with it's sheerness. It is gorgeous, yet the glitter just gets everywhere and the fall out through the day is annoying.
This works really well under gold eyeshadow, it makes it a whole lot more dimensional. Of course it will add super sparkliness to your eyeshadow as well.
You can see my swatches of dangerous cuvee paint pot here, it was also released with MAC's cham pale collection. It is also sheer and glittery.
I wish these paint pots didn't have soo much glitter. Nevertheless, they are very pretty to look at.

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Vulcan_Butterfly said...

It IS too bad that this paint pot was so sheer. I was going to get it because I adore the colour, but when I played with it at the counter it just didn't do it for me :( I think it looks nice with your skintone!