Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kat Von D tattoo chronicles volume 1 photos, swatches and 3 EOTD's

I've been meaning to post this but I just haven't had time, I am absolutely in love with this palette!
The tattoo chronicles is packaged to look like a worn and slightly tattered vintage book. Sort of like an encyclopedia. Inside you will find 3 pages of Kat Von D's drawings and writings :

Page 1:
Page 2:
Page 3:
After the 3 pages of writing and drawings, you will find a mirror and the eyeshadow palette. Included are 12 eyeshadows, 3 eyeshadow primers, and a pair of false lashes.

The palette then pulls out revealing another of Kat's drawings and a double ended roller ball with saint and sinner perfumes.
Saint smells sweet and fresh, Sinner smells musky and slightly spicy. Sinner actually really reminds me of Tom Ford's Black Orchid, the dry down notes are very similar.
The palette removed from the book:
The eyeshadow primers: L to R skin, stellar, smoky
skin, stellar, smoky

These primers are pretty sweet. They perform well, no creasing or fading at all. I love the little stars on the tubes!
- Skin is a yellow toned beige, perfect for doing neutral looks
- Stellar is a light pinkish white with shimmer, it really brightens up the eye area
- Smoky is a dirty grey color, not really 'pretty' on it's own but it works very well under dark colors making them much more dramatic

The eyeshadows:

L to R Tijuana, taxidermy, hollywood, peanut

- Tijuana is a rich blackened brown with flecks of copper
- Taxidermy is a warm shimmery bronze
- Hollywood is a rich golden amber
- Peanut is a shimmery beige champagne

L to R : Redemption, Soltitude, heartkiller, bandelaire

- Redemption is a vibrant blue creamy matte
- Soltitude is a shimmery lilac
- heartkiller is a baby pink with silver sparkle
- bandelaire is shimmery silver

L to R: Monastary, poe blue, nite owl, lemmy

- Monastary is a charcoal black with silver glitter
- poe blue is a gorgeous dimensional deep blue
- nite owl is a rich deep forest green
- lemmy is a surprisingly wearable light lemon

I have to say that I was not expecting much from these eyeshadows. I was literally shocked when I first used them, they are so pigmented that I barely had to pick up any color on my brush. They are more finely milled and pigmented than most shadows from MAC or NARS. I'm very impressed with their superb quality!
The range of colors was interesting to work with, even intimidating at first, but I ended up loving them all.

Here are my EOTD's using each row of colors:

I used skin primer, Tijuana, taxidermy, hollywood and peanut eyeshadows. I absolutely love this look. It's perfect when I want to do a neutral eye with a kick. The colors work wonderfully together.

I used stellar primer, Redemption, Soltitude, heartkiller and bandelaire eyeshadows. I really wasn't feeling these shadows, they just aren't my colors. They did grow on me and I got the most compliments wearing this look!

I used skin primer, Monastary, poe blue, nite owl and lemmy eyeshadows. These are my absolute favorites out of the palette. I can't even explain how nice and velevety the texture of these are. They just blend really smooth and look great. I use these colors the most.

After trying this palette I decided I'm converting to Kat Von D makeup. I've recently purchased Ludwig and Beethoven palettes and the quality is consistent. I wish I lived near Sephora so I would have gotten into these lovely palettes earlier.
I highly recommend this palette, it's absolutely worth every penny.

Do you like Kat Von D makeup? What is your favorite KVD product?


Megs♥ said...

I love this product! The different looks you came up with are sick! :)

Lexa said...

Hi Megs! I love it too :) Thank you so much!

Gabrielle said...

I saw your review for this product on MUA, and THANK YOU for the pics! Very gorgeous colors and they look perfect on you!

I was wondering if you have bigger photos of the inside of her book. Her drawings and handwriting are so pretty, too!

Lexa said...

Gabrielle, no-- thank you! :)
I'm sorry I don't have bigger photos, my camera is quite old and I've had to fix it a few times. The macro doesn't work.
I am getting a new one very soon so I will have bigger and better photos shortly :))