Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hashmi Kajal, photos, swatches and review

Hashmi kajal's are imported from Pakistan and are most readily available from local Indian grocery stores. There are also Hashmi surma and surmi powders, even felt tip pens and cake liners are available. They are very inexpensive, I bought mine for $3 CAD.
In all respects, this is a go to product of many beauty junkies all over the world.

The popularity of the kajal today stems from the highly pigmented blackness of it. It is smoldering lava black, and it makes for a gorgeous intense eye.
It is also very easy to use. Just untwist, and rub it gently over your waterline. It lasts through the day, with minimal smudging.

So intensely black! There are few liners on the marker that can achieve this effect.

There is a lot of controversy about the potential for these kinds of kajals and kohls being toxic.
Whether or not this is true remains inconclusive, even doing research myself I was skeptical of all the claims.
Traditionally, many of the blackest kohls were made from galena which is actually lead sulfide. As you may know, lead is very toxic. Most kajals would have trace amounts of lead, not pure lead. Still, something you might want to think twice about before putting in your eyes.

This particular Hashmi kajal is supposedly 'lead free'. This would mean that the amorphous black is made with other materials than galena such as amorphous carbon or organic charcoal.
There are quite a few articles available on the Hashmi Surma website, including toxicity reports and claims that it is 100% safe to use.
Hashmi Kajal stick Ingredients:
zinc oxide, herbs, waxes, amorphous black, butter oil, cinamomum, & camphora

I have never had any adverse effects from this product, and it doesn't irritate my eyes at all.

When using imported kohls and kajals always look at the ingredients list. find out what they are. Many countries don't have rules and regulations about potentially hazardous cosmetic ingredients. Use with discretion.
Unless you are a scientist, with a lab, it is impossible to know the truth.



Tammy said...

The intensity on that black looks magnificent! :D

Lexa said...

Hi Tammy :) Doesn't it though? It's just so black, I love it.

Anonymous said...

Where Can I get it in Canada?
No such grocery stores in my area...
What a great review, now I want it!

Lexa said...

Thanks so much Galina! I'm not sure where you can find it locally, I just happened to stumble upon mine in a random store in Kitchener, and it was their last one! If I find another place to get it I'll definitely let you know.
I think your best bet for now is to order online, eBay or the Hashmi Surma website :)