Saturday, April 14, 2012

Diorshow New Look mascara review

This is Diors newest mascara release, as always I have to try new things so I picked it up when I saw it.
I've tried lots of Dior mascaras including Diorshow, Diorshow iconic, Diorshow blackout and Diorshow Blackout waterproof.
I'm not a fan of most, but Diorshow blackout is pretty much the love of my life. I will post my review of that one soon!

New look has a special 'nano' brush to grab all lashes even tiny ones to get a full voluminous effect.
It's a pretty small brush, with little plastic bristles that range in size. The bottom part has longer bristles, and the top tapers off with very small ones.
It does an ok job of depositing mascara to each lash.

New look 'nano' brush:

New look is described by Dior as having a 'lash multipying effect, volume and care'. I'm not really sure what the 'care' part involves, it is apparently supposed to 'densify lashes'. I highly doubt it. I haven't seen any changes in my lashes since using it, and there are no special ingredients in this to really care for lashes.

Wearing 3 coats of new look:

This mascara gave me basic volume. That was just about it. I didn't get much length, and even after layering a few times it just kept making my lashes look fatter and shorter.
It didn't hold curl too well. I wasn't impressed, I felt like it made my eyelashes look short and stubby.
The formula is ok, doesn't smudge, clump or flake.

I really liked the packaging of this mascara. The tube is decorated with silver Dior designs. It feels nice and expensive.

If all you want in a mascara is volume, this is for you. It provides lots of volume and that's just about it. To me, it's a waste of money because I want curl and length!
There are much cheaper options out there that deliver volume. Off the top of my head I'd reccomend L'oreal voluminous carbon black which performs the same, if not better than this!

Repurchase? no

Price: $35 CAD

Rating: 2/5

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Sarah said...

Aww, I'm so sad this is a disappointment! I was very curious about it.