Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MAKE UP FOR EVER smoky lash mascara review

Make up for ever aka MUFE is one brand I really enjoy using. I find the quality pretty good, although some products are hit and miss.

Smoky lash has been on my wish list for a very long time. Years. Now that I have a Sephora nearby smoky lash is mine!
The packaging is sleek and comfortable to use. I like the shape of it.

The mascara brush is mid-sized with little bristles shooting out from all angles and edges.
It really grabs onto your lashes and makes it easy to build up the volume.

smoky lash wand:

I found the formula quite dry. This was good for building layers and adding fantastic length and volume. It can be layered a lot without any clumping.
After a few coats my lashes looked long, defined volumized and curled.
I didn't find the blackness of it to be very intense. I've used many other mascaras that are darker in pigment and look much blacker.

Wearing smoky lash:

Unfortunately, after a few hours smoky lash flaked all under my eye area. I think this is because the formula is very dry. In this pic you can see the little flakes beneath my eyes:

I really like this mascara. It holds curl well, and doesn't clump at all.
Sadly, for me flaking is a major deal breaker. I don't have time for touch ups through the day and when I leave the house the last thing I need to worry about are specks of mascara flaking off my eyes.

I wonder if I got a drier mascara and this is why it didn't perform well. I also wonder if the waterproof version would be less flake-prone.

Overall this is a great mascara and I do recommend trying it in case it works out for you. Just beware that it might flake.

Repurchase? No, but I might grab the waterproof version in the future.

Price: $24 CAD

Rating: 4/5


Sarah said...

Aww, too bad this didn't work out for you! I had a sample of this and I found that it flaked horribly on me as well :( It's so hard finding a good mascara... I'm really happy with Prestige's My Biggest Lashes right now, but I've tried so many I hated in my search for the right one!

Lexa said...

Hi Sarah! it's funny prestige my biggest lashes is in the line up for review, it's one of my favorites :)

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

ARGH, nothing annoys me more than a flaky mascara!!

Sandra said...

I've always found that waterproof mascaras are the only ones that don't flake on me. My favorite of all high end & lower end mascaras is Loreal Double Extend waterproof formula. It never flakes & really extends & thickens my eyelashes. Fresh Firebird & Supernova mascaras are also really nice. They're not waterproof though, so they do flake a little bit. I love MAC Plush Lash as well but find that - once again - because it's not waterproof, it also flakes somewhat. It's got a great formula, though, and is super coal black.

Nice blog :-)

Lexa said...

Hi Vulcan, indeed I can't stand flakes falling off onto my face!

Hi Sandra, I've tried all the mascaras you've mentioned except the L'oreal. I don't like L'oreal mascaras very much, but I liked Fresh supernova and firebird a lot - soon to be reviewed.