Monday, April 9, 2012

Maybelline lash discovery mascara review & update!

I'm going to start with a little update before I move on to the review.
For those who don't know, I'm 9 mos pregnant - I'm also anemic and so very tired! I haven't been playing with makeup as much lately. My skin is suffering the worst acne right now since I was 14, so I really don't want to take many pics. Thanks hormones.
Anyways, this week I'm uploading all of my mascara reviews, I want to get them posted before the baby comes :)
So welcome to the start of my mascara review extravaganza!

Lash discovery mascara has always held a little mystery in my eyes. How does a mascara with such a tiny brush work?

For reference, here is the brush beside a Canadian quarter. Canadian quarters are the exact same size as American ones, in case you wondered the difference.

You can see just how tiny the mini brush is. It's absolutely the smallest mascara brush I've ever used.

One BIG problem with this little mascara is that the opening of the tube is not small enough to remove any excess product from the brush.
So, when you take it out to apply it, you will find there is a load of mascara on the tiny wand, and it will be a mess. To fix this problem I had to wipe excess product from the wand every time I went to apply it. Not cool.

It was a challenge to get used to applying mascara with the small wand. It reached all my lashes nicely and coated them. It added some length and volume but nothing spectacular.

Wearing Maybelline lash discovery* :

One thing I despised about this was that it really weighed down my lashes. It did not hold any curl whatsoever. I think it does this because the brush holds onto too much product as I mentioned above. It's a heavy formula and the weight just pulls down on your lashes.
*I need to point out that for the photo above I actually curled my lashes before applying lash discovery and then again after to get the curl back into them.

The formula is very wet and I didn't use it long enough to see what the result was when it got a bit drier. I imagine it would work better after it dried out slightly, it would grab less onto the lashes and maybe then it wouldn't weigh them down so much.

Overall this mascara gave me basic length and slight volume. It took extra work to clean the wand before applying and then curl my lashes again after I applied it.
I'm sure you can see why I didn't like this mascara very much at all. It's not available everywhere so I had to hunt for it, definitely a waste of time. I say pass on it!

Repurchase? No way.

Price: $9.99 CAD

Rating: 2/5


Sarah said...

Aww, too bad about the mascara! I have such a hard time finding mascaras that work for me. The tube reminds me of Stila Major Lash (which I like), but the brush looks very different.

Catia Magee said...

where did you buy it? I cant seem to get it in canada.

Lexa Black said...

Hi Catia :) I bought it at shoppers drug mart. Its the only place I've seen this mascara for sale.