Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gone for a while...

I hope you enjoyed reading my mascara reviews extravaganza. The crazy thing is that I have at least 20 more mascara reviews to post! Eep.
Anyways I am on blogger hiatus starting now, since my baby is being born in less than 6 hours! I won't have much time for blogging in the coming weeks but you can be assured I'll be back!
Any suggestions of what sorts of posts you want to see in the future are appreciated.
more nail designs? foundation reviews? skincare? blonde hair care/bleaching?
I have a few BB cream reviews to do since I've recently tried a few more, I'll absolutely be posting those soon.
Wish me luck and a swift return to the makeup world :)
~ Lexa


ct1980 said...

Can't wait to see more of you, hope the baby is doing great!

Lexa said...

Thank you :) Baby is great :) I hope to be back very soon!!!

Red lips, Black hair said...

Congratulations Lexa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you're happy and bonding.:)

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what your favorite blush is? We have very similar skin types, I'm very fair skinned and having trouble finding the right blush.

Have you done any hair removal product or device reviews? Hair NoNo or other products?

I love your blog!!!!

Lexa said...

Hi anonymous :)
Well it's very hard for me to pick just one favorite blush haha. MAC Northern lights MSF is close to HG for me. (but it's discontinued:(- It gives me a glow and nice rosy color like nothing else.
Others are NARS super orgasm and chanel tempting beige. Those are my latest favorites :)
I haven't done any hair removal reviews, but interesting I might just have to now. My mom actually just got a nono so maybe I will try it and see how it works ;)
I'm so glad you enjoy my blog! Hope to be back soon with updates!