Friday, April 20, 2012

YSL faux cils shocking mascara review

This was my very fist Yves Saint Laurent purchase. I almost bought touch eclat as well but just wasn't digging the price!

I want to start by mentioning I've never used the original faux cils mascara before, so unfortunately I cannot compare this version to it. From what I understand 'shocking' is supposed to be even more dramatic than the regular faux cils mascara, and the wands are made slightly different.

The tube is gold...I am sure most people like it but I don't. I think it looks tacky. I suppose I'm more of a platinum/silver/white gold type of girl.

The brush, is pretty messy to say the least. There are mid-sized bristles on it that attract varying amounts of product, making it hard to get an even application.
Lots of product gets onto the brush making it clump very easily.

YSL faux cils shocking brush:

The formula is very wet. This in combination with the brush design can be disastrous. It goes on thick and is prone to clumping.
It has a very strong rose smell that you will either love or hate. I personally don't like it. Thankfully, the scent doesn't linger too long.
It's very easy to overapply, I find that one or two coats is sufficient in adding lots of volume and some length.

Wearing two coats of faux cils shocking:

I love the dense carbon black color. It really makes your lashes stand out.
Unfortunately, this doesn't wear too well. After a few hours I get some flakes falling off my lashes.

For such an expensive mascara I expect more. I don't like the packaging, the smell, the clumping and most of all, flaking.
I think that this is similar to Diorshow blackout in terms of volume and pigmentation, and I much prefer blackout since it lengthens more and doesn't clump so easily.
I don't recommend this. If you are looking for a high end mascara with lot's of intensity I'd say go with Diorshow blackout.

Repurchase? No. I would like to try the original faux cils though.

Price: $36 CAD

Rating: 2.5/5


Sarah said...

Too bad about this mascara! I have been curious about YSL mascaras, but have never tried one.

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.